"Spend WISE!"

That is what I always tell my self whenever I am tempted to buy something. Now that the whole world is affected by global financial crisis, we as individual should think of ways on how to help our selves survive. It means that, let’s be a wise spender and as much as we can, save for the “rainy days”. The cost of fuel has gone down lately but you may never know when it will go up again.

Personally, I encourage my self to save more and spend less. As much as possible, I don’t buy my lunch at work. I bring my own cooked food and just heat it during lunch time. That way, I’m able to save few pesos every week. I also don’t buy signature or branded products. Since I believe that many products in the market is as good as those branded ones. What I believe is that, when we buy expensive, branded products, we’re paying for the name. Like when I buy for clothes, I usually do not go for branded ones but I look for the design and quality of the fabric. The same principle goes whenever I go to optical shops. I don’t buy expensive frames for my eyeglasses. Since nobody will ask me how much did I pay for it anyway, what the use of buying something that cost me a living? I say, that I’m a practical person. And next month, I’m planning to visit again my ophthalmologist for my check-up. I know she’ll recommend that I’ll change my eyeglasses. I’m thankful that I was able to find cheap eyeglasses online. I couldn’t believe it my self but ZenniOptical really sells eyeglasses from $8! That's because they deliver products direct from their factory. No middlemen, direct from factory to you. So that’s a lot of savings. I think I should start looking one for me….

And here’s my choice. What do you think?
3614  Metal - Euro Classic Style Half Rim Frames


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