" I Love You, Yaya" Handbook

This is what the book I'm referring to here. (Photo grabbed from Google images)

Bought this book yesterday at National Book Store. It's a bit pricey. I first thought I went impulse buying again because as soon as I read parts of it, I went immediately to the cashier to pay for it. But No. I had no regrets at all. Yeah,..yeah.. I had second thoughts of buying since it cost P499 but it's worth it.

The book comes with two audio cds for our dear yayas to listen to. (I advised though that you also listen to the CD so you'll know what your yaya will learn and you'll be able to guide her). The book is divided in two parts, the first part is the handbook for employers like us and the second part is for the yayas. It's the same as what the speakers in the CD is discussing but the yaya's will be able to appreciate the book more by listening to the CD. The speakers explains well what was written on the book.

I specially love the book because as I was reading this, I've discovered some wrong practices that I and the yaya did (Why did I learned about his book just now anyway?). I also read a lot of good tips from the authors. By the way, the book's authors are Maricel Laxa-Pangilininan and her sister in laws Felichi Buizon and Dr. Donna Simpao.

Some of the topics I like were:
  • Common Mistakes We (Parents and Yayas) Make in Feeding our Children
  • Helping our Helpers Help Themselves
  • Enforcing the Day-off Policy (We had issues on this during the first 6 months of our yaya)
  • Your yaya and her cellphone
These are just some of the many topics discussed on the book. For working mom's like me who entrust a child to a nanny, this is really a must read.


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momie milette said...

this book is nice ha. eh ano naman feedback ng iyong angel, nagustuhan ba nya ?

~ Mhay ~ said...
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~ Mhay ~ said...

sis, wala naman siya nagawa kaya read and listen siya ngayon. Sa tingin ko maganda naman ang effect kasi napapansin ko naa-apply na niya yung mga lessons sa handbook :)

Marvin Macatol said...

My wife Rhia has this book now, and our Yaya is listening to the CDs. Simply amazing. A MUST READ for all Mom-mah, with our without a Ya-yah!

We bought our copy during the 2nd Philippine Homeschooling Conference, where Felichi Pangilinan-Buizon talked about the Handbook. We got simply convicted to the Handbook after listening to her.

You may read our take about the Handbook at sidmacatol.com.

~ Mhay ~ said...

Thanks for the comment Marvin. I'm happy to have read a comment from a dad here. I agree, this book is a must-read :)