MQOW 9 - Treasured Wedding Gifts


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This week’s question is : Among the gifts that you received on your wedding day, name 5 that you and your spouse treasured the most and why?


Here are my answers:

1. Money -of course this is our number one. We did not put in our invites anything about monetary gifts but many of our guests gave money aside from gifts, which we are thankful. We kept this and was used during the time that Jaden got sick.

2. Bed - Complete bed set (frame and mattress) courtesy of my boss. We are so thankful for this talaga and we're using it until now.

3. Stove - we received1 single burner and 1 double burner stove. We used this as soon as we moved in in our apartment and we're using the two burner until now.

4. Pressure Cooker and Turbo Broilers- Since I love cooking these two were my kitchen companion. Helps me a lot in cooking our fave dishes.

5. Electric Fans - all of our three electric fans are wedding gifts. Since we don't have A/C, yet these 3 are very useful to us.

We haven't received rice cookers which wedded couples normally received so we bought our own :D. Other items remain untouched.

I had fun answering this week's MQW. Join us here.


2 Kind Word(s):

M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

ambilis mo mhay. ang ganda ng regalo ng boss mo ah. complete set. sayo ko pala dapat binigay yung extrang ricecooker namin. hehehe

thanks for joining


~ Mhay ~ said...

oo nga eh :) hehehe sana pala ba buzz mo ko na marami kang rice cooker. hehehe! ^_^