Now, Printing's made easy!

Have you tried outsourcing your printing requirements? I’ve recently done it and found out that it’s much cheaper AND convenient than having it printed at nearby local printers. And based on my personal experience it’s more comfortable to just send the files or anything you want to be printed online and just wait for the print outs shipped to your address rather than going through the process of looking for suitable printers, spending time proofreading, and so on...

I’m a busy mom but I see to it that I also work on my hobby when my schedule permits me. And one of my hobbies requires me to create layouts so it can turn out to be nice photo books and I‘m considering printing them using PsPrint, a better alternative to Kinkos. At PsPrint, online printing is really hassle-free and it suits me! I think this is also a great alternative for small business owners out there. Having your brochures and flyers printed is faster because at PsPrint they offer super fast turn-around time, even receiving them the same day. And unlike other printers who requires minimum number of orders and print outs, online printers give you much more options and can even accommodate even a single print out. That’s why I highly recommend online printing.

And now that Christmas is fast approaching, personally created gifts are the best gifts you can give to love ones. As for me, I’ll be working on a calendar and I’m considering having my postcards done at PsPrint since they are offering 40% at all postcard printing services until the end of this month. I’ll be giving them out to relatives and friends abroad. I’m sure they’ll love it and appreciate it a lot.

24 Weeks.

Yes, 'm on my 24th week of pregnancy, meaning I'm already 6 months preggy. Three months to go, lol!

Last Saturday I had my pre-natal check up and we're happy that the baby's fine. We don;t know yet it's gender but my OB already gave us referral for a congenital anomaly scan next month. This will be my second ultrasound, the last and final one will be before my delivery.

As I'm writing this post, the baby is moving. It keeps on rolling as if doing some somersaults :D. The moves are more prominent now that even my office mates notice them especially during lunch time in the office.

As for me, I gained 3 kilos from last month's check-up. My belly is bigger and I'm eating a lot! :D I also had my fourth painful leg cramps attack last night, huhu! My OB said that leg cramps usually happens when a preggy mommy lacks calcium so she advise for me to drink non-fat milk everyday..haaaay.

Anyway, I'm excited for my ultrasound, think I won;t wait until December to do it. Maybe I'll have it next week...

Be prepared.

Today I've attended a forum about Risk Reduction. It's a forum organized by one of the Lopez Group of Companies for those who were affected by the recent catastrophes. Speakers are from the Manila Observatory who are the ones doing the research and study about climate change, disaster prevention and risk reduction.

Well I must say, it's informative and at the same time, gave the attendees a little scare. As you all know, we live in Marikina and honestly, I'm quite sentimentally attached to this city. For one, I grew up here. And two, it's near to where I work. But the study that they presented to us showed that the city is among the areas in the country that is prone to flooding and earthquake (because of the Marikina Fault Line). At the end of the forum there where questioned raised. There are some who were scared about the earthquake and the damage it will cause, there were some who seek advised if they should relocate, etc. I could sense that they are really scared.

As for me, I beleive that no one can predict when such things will happen. Only God knows. We just need to be prepared physically, emotionally and most specially spiritually, and set the recent catastrophe as a benchmark in our planning and preparation.

22nd Week.

I'm now on my 22nd week and had my 3rd leg cramps attach last Friday morning, ouchy... But so far so good.

I'm eating, well, enough for me and my baby. I've gained weight. I'm now 50kgs., I gained 2 kilos from my the last time I checked :). My Tummy is now showing so much that everyone notices me already. At 5 and 1/2 months, some says I'm small, some says I'm bigger compare to my last pregnancy. Well, people really have different views. Also, my fingers are starting to swell, which reminds me to keep an eye on my rings :D.

I also bought some pregnancy clothes last week. I can't find some of my clothes that I lend to to my sisters, and they haven't returned all of them so I need to buy some. As always, pregnancy clothes are still pricey :D.

As for the baby, I can feel it move every time I eat something. It rolls and moves a lot now. Some says it's a boy because of his "moves" though some says a girl. Anyway, my ultrasound schedule is still on December so let's wait and see who will guess it right. I'm excited! :)