XML "geeks", here's for you.

XML, HTML, CSS, SQL? I admit I only learned about these terms when I started and get hooked with blogging. I was an advertising student in college because I hate numbers and logic. I never thought I’ll get fascinated with computers and XMLs now. Our IT department even asked for my assistance once in a while in some of their web design projects. Thanks to my little XML knowledge. If I can only turn back time, I’ll shift course. Anyway, enough of that. I’m grateful that at least I’m not that clueless about XMLs. But for those XML geeks out there, here’s for you:

The 2008 XML Challenge. Get a chance to win exciting prizes and be the next XML superstar! This contest is being sponsored by IDUG and is open to both students and professionals who are into XML and data base development. It’s a series of contest compose of a Video Contest, Gadget Contest, Query Challenge, Port an Application, and Develop an application. Exciting prizes awaits participants of each category. For Asian participants, here are the prizes: T-shirts for the early bird winners of the Quick Quiz, Nintendo Wii for the Video Mania category, Ipod Nano and Nintendo Wii for the Query Challenge, and a lot more!

Interested? Register to the IDUG contest now and who knows? You might be the next XML Superstar!


Friday Fill-Ins #100

1. My stomach creates a funny sound when I'm super hungry and immediately eat something.
2. Beef is what I ate the most of on Thursday.
3. The yard is wide to hold our dance rehearsal.
4. At home is where I'd rather be at any given time.
5. The smell of Blue Water reminds me of someone in the past.
6. Rest is what I need right now!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to the worship rehearsal for the service on Sunday, tomorrow my plans include attending our prayer and fasting and Sunday, I want to rest but I need to attend our mother church anniversary.

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5.11 Tactical Wears

Thinking of what gifts to give to my brother in laws and my father is quite tough for me. Coz when it comes to men’s gifts I’m clueless, except if they have their particular wishes. And this is my dilemma…I still don’t have any idea what to give to them. Its twenty eights days to go before Christmas and I still don’t know what to buy. I’m still on the look out and it’s giving me a headache….whew! Anyway, I’ll digress.

I was browsing the internet to look for gift ideas and I came across tactical pantsusa.com’s website. I saw their products for those 5.11 Tactical customers. What are 5.11 Tactical? These products are designed for the LA police. They are actually LA police gears but I think some of their products can be bought and worn not only buy the police but also as casual wears for ordinary men. The garments are of high quality materials like those of the shorts and polo shirts and Tactical Pants. They also have eye wears which does not only protects but also of stylish design which will definitely look good for one. These eyewear are stylish and of premium quality (these are actually designed by decorated former U.S. Navy SEAL Jeff Gonzales). They also have tactical watches that can be used by any application. The watches functions include standard chronograph features and also the revolutionary Sure Shot Ballistic Calculator.

Oh, I haven’t mentioned yet that the site offers free shipping for orders over $50. It’s always good when you can get discounts in shipping right, and it’s better if it’s free.

Anyway, I am always fascinated with how the US policemen dress up. Whenever I watch foreign action movies I am amazed of how they stand tall with their gears and stuff. I hope our policemen here wear gears like these as well.

Friday Fill-ins #99

1. The last band I saw live was Side A.
2. What I look forward to most on Chritmas is our family dinner and gift-giving. (if you don't celebrate thanksgiving, insert your favorite holiday)
3. My Christmas/holiday shopping is starting now so I won't experience Christmas rush.
4. Thoughts of hubby fill my head.
5. I wish I could wear a Prada (in my dreams) .
6. Bagpipes are fun to play.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to watching I Love Betty La Fea (my fave tv show), tomorrow my plans include going to the Gingersnap Sale and Sunday, I want to rest the whole afternoon!

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Get Rid of Belly Bulges in 32 Days!

Yes, you heard it right….and it’s possible (with no exercise required) through the Flat Belly Diet which everyone is talking about and is being offered by buzz.prevention.com. Actually they are now in the process of recruiting women who would want to try this diet for FREE! (yes... absolutelyFree!!!)

I think I want to try this and tell my sister about this as well. I’m skinny but I must admit I still want a flatter belly so I might try to be eligible for this. My sister on the other hand who have just given birth last May is in the lookout for a quick and easy weight loss solution. So I think this is it!

So, moms out there who, like me, want to get rid of pregnancy fats, this is now your chance. Look at these exciting gifts for eligible applicants!

• A free copy of the Flat Belly Diet book (exciting!)
• A free 1-year membership to the Flat Belly Diet website
• Exclusive membership to their Success Story Club
• The chance to blog about Flat Belly Diet on our website
• First look at exclusive Flat Belly Diet videos

You might be the lucky lady to get all these so visit their site to apply.




I never thought that I'll ever win a blog contest until I learned that I'm the biggest winner at Blipbit.com! Wow! I'm so happy :D!!! Randomizer favored me a lot! hahaha!!

Thank you Milet for hosting the contest and for the prize!Yipeeee..now I have shopping money. :D

By the way, Milet is again holding a contest and she's giving out cute Belle de Jour planners. So Visit and get the chance to win.

Something for hubby

I miss giving Christmas gifts for my husband. This year, it will be the second Christmas that we’re celebrating separately. I miss thinking of what to give him and thinking of a gimmick on how to surprise him. I remember two years ago how happy he was when he opened my gift to him. He was so surprised. I wish we’ll be able to celebrate Christmas again together.

If he’s here, he’ll probably like Timberland Boots. I can remember how he fancied boots like this when he was still here. He likes shoes where he can use everywhere, anywhere so I guess this is one the best. The brand is known for its quality and durability and designed to be used not only for heavy work but also an all-weather outdoor wear.


Hubby will definitely like this one. I hope I can get one before he arrives next year.

Win a 2009 Belle De Jour Planner at lupusurvivor.com!

Milet is up for yet another contest. As a way of thanking those who will join, she's giving away 2 2009 BDJ Planners as prizes for the winners. What's a Belle de jour? Click here.

Here's how to join:
1. Blog about this contest (put a link to her blog in your entry)
2. In your entry answer this question.

" What is the full name of Anevay and what is the meaning of her name?"

This contest is open to all. She'll be shipping it via AIR21. If the winner is residing outside the Philippines, She’ll send the planner either via FEDEX or postal mail (One blog = one entry).

3. After blogging about the contest leave a comment here, with a link to your entry.

4. Include in your comment where the planner will be shipped.

Winners will be announced on November 30, 2008.

Answer: The little princess' name is ANEVAY JAHZARA De Jesus LOPEZ

~ Anevay - means superior

~Jahzara- means blessed princess

Visit Milet's blog and get a chance to win this cute planner.

How To Wean from Bottles?

I am determined to wean my daughter from drinking in bottles. It's hard for me especially when I begin to feel guilty that I'm depriving her of her milk at night, but I know I must do it.

I'm not sure if I was doing it right though, so I searched and found this article:

In general, children can try a cup at 6 months and be weaned off the bottle around 12 to 18 months. It does vary from child to child and it is up to the mother to decide when to encourage the change from bottle to cup. The things to look out for are when the baby can sit up for themselves; obviously drinking from a cup is going to be near impossible when baby is still lying on it's back. Also, you baby should be taking bottle feeds at regular times. You should also be noticing that your child starts to show a real interest in the food of others.

Why is it important to wean my child off the bottle?

As explained in another article, children being bottle fed are more likely to suffer from tooth decay. So, it is important to not allow your child to carry on bottle feeding longer than is necessary but don't force the issue - remember, weaning your child of bottle feeding is a gradual process. As your child develops the nutrients it requires change. It will not get these nutrients from bottle feeding alone whereas it will get more than it needs from solids. Finally, children who delay the transition from formula to solids may have difficulty developing appropriate feeding skills.

So, how do I wean my child off the bottle?

  • Wean your child during a relatively stress-free time. It is not a good idea to start when a new sibling has just arrived or when the family is moving to a new house
  • At age 8 to 10 months, substitute a 'sippy' cup for a bottle at one feeding during the day. Choose a feeding when the child usually drinks just a little, rather than a major mealtime. Use this same feeding time to use the cup every day for a week. Remember, routine is key.
  • Gradually introduce the cup at another feeding, slowly decreasing the number of bottles the child receives.
  • Be patient. Help your child to hold the cup and tip a small amount of liquid into the child's mouth.
  • Some children may need to suck as a way for them to control their behavior. This sets their mood to accomplish certain tasks such as sleeping, concentrating and running. Some children may continue to suck on a pacifier or bottles of plain water for the first few years.
  • Consistency is key to successful weaning. Be sure to give the child the cup at the designated feeding time and don't switch back to the bottle at this feeding.

What can I do to make weaning easier on my baby?

  • Offer other comforts such as a soft blanket or stuffed animal or play soothing music.
  • Spend extra time cuddling with your child during the weaning process.
  • Buy cups with handles, spouted lids or baby cups with straws to make drinking easier.
  • Be a positive role model and drink from a cup with your child.

I got this article from bottle-feeding-baby.com. I'll try to do what's instructed here and I hope I'll succeed.

Friday Fill-Ins #97

1. My blueprint for success includes dependence on God's guidance.
2. Tic-Tac orange flavor was the last candy I ate.
3. The best facial moisturizer I've ever used is so far, Nivea.
4. Water can be good therapy.

5. I'd like to tell you about my daughter's milestone (I think every mom love doing so).
6. I'm a good listerner and it is my strongest characteristic.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to cooking dinner and watching TV, tomorrow my plans include pick up my daughter's passport and go to the exhibit that our company joined and Sunday, I want to rest and read a book!

to read more Fill-ins or to join, click here.

Obama wins

Senator Barack Obama

Democratic Senator Barack Obama says "change has come to America", after being elected the first black president of the United States. (from BBC News)

And now the US has a new president. Why he won? Read here.

I just hope that he can really direct America on the right track.

Wordless Wednesday: Cousins

The cousins on their first Trick or Treat.

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Some musings

When her family migrated to Canada two years ago, my friend and sort of aunt had a hard time searching for our other friends and church mates who went there years before them. I was able to contact her to a social network website and she said that she’s thankful that there’s now a reverse phone number look up Canada which made her search for contacts quite easy. She said that now they will be organizing an event where all of them will be able to celebrate Christmas together. Well, that’s good for them.

My husband wants to work as well in Canada or perhaps migrate there since a lot of our friends are already there. But I don't like the idea. I don't want to leave the country in search for a good future. I love my country and I'm happy here.

Well, just some of my thoughts...

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Her first Trick or Treat

Even as a child I never joined trick or treat. But because of my sister's persistent request, Jaden and her cousin went to their first trick or treat event. I bought her a costume of Tinkerbell and a pumpkin basket last Thursday and we were at Tiendesitas last Friday trick or treating. Nakakapagod pala :D. But my Jaden super loved her costume. Unfortunately, we arrived at the place one hour late so the kids were not able to get enough treats. But they enjoyed the magic show. All in all it was a fun day.

Milet's Blog Contest

Finally, I was able to breathe. The past week was indeed toxic and tedious. And the weekend was spent with my daughter the reason why I took a little break from blogging :)

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