Friday Fill-Ins #96

1. My favorite food seasonings are salt and pepper.
2.My daughter's laughter is music to my ears.
3. Lucky is a word I seldom say.. I say bless or blessing instead.
4. My church ministry is something I take very seriously.
5. Many people thought that I'm on my twenties when in fact, I am already 30 :).
6. A pumpkin basket for my daughter's trick or treat was the last thing I bought at the store.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to watching my fave tv show, tomorrow my plans include rest and Sunday, I want to rest! The week is so tiring :)

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Cooking with Pressure Cooker

I'll tell you something ha...if you're a professional cook, please don't laugh at me, okay? :D

I don't know how to use the pressure cooker properly! LOL. I always wonder why, whenever I cook beef, I don't get my desired meat tenderness. I was thinking, how much time ba do I need to get my desired super tender na beef? My pressure cooker kasi is the one with valves, not the new edition ones kaya sometimes when the pressure cooker start doing that noise, I turn the stove off. I also place a lot of water sa meat. Now I know I was doing it wrong pala. Here's what i found out (from about cooking using the pressure cooker:

The Pressure Cooking Method

These easy steps serve as a simple guide to using a pressure cooker. They are not intended, however, to be a substitute for the manufacturer's instructions which accompany your pressure cooker model.
1. Check recipe for specific cooking method and cooking time.Pour required amount of liquid into the pressure cooker, then add food. Use the cooking rack, if desired.
2. Hold cover up to light and look through the vent pipe to make certain it is open and unclogged. Then, place cover on pressure cooker and close securely (cover handle should be directly above the body handle).
3. Place pressure regulator firmly on the vent pipe. Heat the pressure cooker until the pressure regulator begins to rock slowly. Adjust heat to maintain a slow, steady rocking motion. Cooking time begins at this point.
4. Cook for the length of time specified in recipe, then reduce pressure as specified. When recipe states "let pressure drop of its own accord," set the cooker aside to cool. When recipe states "cool cooker at once," cool immediately under a water faucet or by pouring cold water over it.
5. Pressure is completely reduced when the air vent/cover lock has dropped. Remove the pressure regulator. Then, remove pressure cooker cover and serve food.

Now, I think I have to buy a more modern type of pressure cooker. :D

Friday Fill-Ins #95

1. Right now, I'm feeling happy, anxious, excited and busy.
2. Where my husband is, is where I want to be.
3. How does one managed to own several cars during these days?
4. My positive outlook in life keeps me on track.
5. Please don't act as if you know everything.
6. My daughter fills me with joy.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to our church rehearsal, tomorrow my plans include going to supermarket for our weekly groceries and attend our church meeting after and Sunday, I want to go somewhere relaxing!

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The Best Web Design and Hosting Site

What can we do to survive these days? There’s the worldwide financial crisis, feeble economies, bankruptcy etc…It’s not enough when we only rely on our day jobs. We may not know if the company we work for is stable enough to endure. We need to think of ways to earn extra income. And what better way is through the internet. There are many ways to earn through the internet. You can be paid by reading mails, surveys, or just by clicking ads. But for me, the best way is by setting up your own blog or website.

There are a lot of people now who makes a living through their website. Why not become one of them? First of course you need to have a website. But before setting your own site, you have to think on these:

  • Your site should have original and unique content. It should be something that stands out or something that will spark interest on the wide internet readers.
  • Don't be too wordy with too much text and content. Be creative. Use pictures and apply the K.I.S.S. principle as much as possible.
  • Customers should immediately find what they are looking for. Use bullets or outlines to make your points.
  • Once your website is live and running, consider how you will drive customers to it. (You also have to learn about using search engines, advertising, yellow page listing, linking, etc.)
Ready? Now you have to look for the best hosting site for you to get going. But don’t use just any. Try Heritage Web Design. They are the lead and an award-winning web design and hosting company. Best known for their unique and creative designs plus they deliver well to their customers. Recently they’ve been recognized by Inc. 500 as one of the fastest growing privately owned businesses in the United States.

They recently released this...Read on:

Press Release:

“The Economic Report” show to feature Heritage Web Solutions

October 22, 2008, Deerfield Beach, FL – The producers of The Economic Report are pleased to announce that Heritage Web Solutions will be featured in an upcoming episode as part of the show’s Business and Technology series on The Power of the Internet Supporting the 21st Century Business Environment.

The internet has revolutionized the ways businesses market themselves. It is essential for businesses, both large and small, to have an effective web presence. A company’s website essentially serves as their electronic store front, communicating the company’s identity to website visitors.

Today, there are approximately 970 million internet users thus making internet marketing the most effective way to appeal to customers from around the world. Websites overcome the limitations between countries and continents thus making a company international. Having a website also means that a business is open and reachable at any time and allows for quick customer response time.

But, it isn’t as simple as just setting up a website. The only way for a company to be set apart from other online competition is unique website design. Businesses turn to internet technology companies for the development of a professional and search engine friendly, website.

Utah-based Heritage Web Solutions specializes in designing and hosting affordable websites for small and medium size businesses. In business since 2001, Heritage designs all websites to custom fit each company, giving each client a unique, original and authentic design. Customers of Heritage also have access to custom flash graphics, Ecommerce development and assistance, database creation and management, traffic driving resources and more.

“As a global community, we are evolving into a technology-based world,“ said Brad Stone, Managing Partner, Heritage Web Solutions. “Rarely we pay cash or write a check anymore. More of our purchases are made online, or at least we research online before making a purchasing decision. Our checking, savings and credit card accounts are maintained and paid for online. Our socializing has moved to FaceBook, YouTube and MySpace. Our communications are emailed, texted or Skyped. Breaking news can now be fed instantly via RSS feeds to our computers or cell phones instead of waiting for the six o’clock news. The Internet is very much a main part of human society today.”

For more information, please visit

You can only rely on the best. So if you’re looking for a reliable web hosting and web design company, you better try Heritage Web Design.

Spell Your Name

Grabbed this tag from Carlota

Spell your name using these letters:

A: Best Gf/Bf any one could have
B: You love a certain someone
C: People cant help but check u out

D: You are really lovable

E: You Are Great

F: Easy to fall in love with

G: You never let people tell you what to do

H: You have a very good personality and good looks

I: People love you

J: People Adore you
K: You’re wild and crazy

M: Handsome/Beautiful

N: Easy to fall in love with
O: Best kisser ever
P: You are popular with all types of people

Q: You are a hypocrite

R: You love to kiss

S: You are freakin crazy
T: You are loyal to the ones you love
U: You really like to chill

V: your not judgmental

W: You are popular

X: You never let people tell you

Y: Sexiest bitch alive

Z: Never good enough…

My Resul

- Best Gf/Bf any one could have
- Sexiest bitch alive (huwat?!?)
- Sexiest bitch alive (well..I'm sexy, but I'm sure, I'm not a bitch :D)
- Easy to fall in love with

Go grab and see what your name means :D

Sending Post Cards This Christmas?

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SANA Lang...

Mga estudyanteng naka-uniporme ng puti. Makikita mo sila sa halos lahat ng dako ng Metro Manila maging sa mga probinsiya. Mga nursing students. Paano naman halos lahat na yata ng mga high school graduates ngayon e gustong mag nars. Kaya naman halos lahat na rin ng kolehiyo ngayon e may kursong nursing. Kahit nga mga computer school may nursing course na rin. Nagsulputan silang parang mga kabute. Kaya di mo rin masisi na nagiging "substandard" na daw ang mga nurses natin. Alam mo ba na ang Pilipinas ang nangunguna sa pag-eexport ng nurse sa buong mundo?[1] Ang pangit pakinggan pero yun ang totoo. Ang Pilipinas daw ang “Nurse Country” sa buong mundo.

Narinig ko sa isang tagapagasalita na may isang unibersidad daw sa Baguio na nag bibigay ng libreng pag-aaral sa kursong agrikultura. Oo, LIBRE na. Ang problema walang nag eenrol. Walang gustong kumuha. Kailangan ng ating bansa ang mga taong mag-iisip sa pag-unlad ng ating agham, teknolohiya, edukasyon at agrikultura. Pero wala ng estudyanteng gustong tumungo sa direksyong ito. Pano lahat gustong umalis ng bansa [Philippines: Workers for the World, Newsweek, Oct.4, 2006]. Mag-abroad. Maging,nars o kaya naman ay tagapag-alaga sa matantandang may sakit o katulong sa ibang bansa. Sino na kaya ang susunod na Filipino Scientist? Mathematician? O imbentor kaya?[2] Magagawan kaya natin ng paraan na sa hinaharap ay hindi na tayo ang nangungunang bansa na umaangkat ng bigas? Haaay….

Nangaganib ang Pilipinas. Nakakalungkot. Utak-kanluranin kasi halos lahat. Tungkol naman sa mga kabataan, kung ilalarawan ang kalagayan ng kasalukuyang kabataang Pilipino, ang sabi ng iba LUTANG daw sila. Walang direksyon sa buhay. Sumusunod lamang sa agos…kung san na lang liparin ng hangin. Walang tapang. Minsan nakakatakot na rin ang impluensiya ng daigdig.

Sana lang, hindi matulad ang aking anak. Sana lang, mapalaki ko siya na marunong lumaban. Sana lang maihanda ko siya sa totoong hamon ng buhay, bilang isang indibidwal at bilang isang Filipino.

Para sa Brown Raise Movement.

Hong Kong or Bahamas?

The husband said that when he returns next year, he would like us to celebrate our daughter’s birthday by going on a vacation. Wow! So the excited me is now searching for possible vacation spot. While doing my search, I stumbled upon Cruises 4 Free which offers free two nights complimentary Bahamas tour! Yes, free. But the traveler will be responsible for port taxes of $59 per person, and other charges. You have to register to claim the cruise. So I’m not sure if this is a good deal for us. Anyway, I’m also looking into meeting him instead in Hong Kong so we can just visit Disneyland. Haayy, whatever. As of now, I’m just excited that he’s coming home early next year. ;)

I'm back to plurking mode... the "karma" went up for the past two days. I also changed my theme. See...

I don't know why they call it "Karma".. Honestly, I don't like the sound, but that's what they call it. So be it. Today my score is 47.04...I'm looking forward to 50+ so I can use those cool emoticons.

Plurking is really fun. And I'm also aware that it's addicting a well. That's why at home I refrain from plurking when the little lady is still awake.

One way to reach the public customer is through EXHIBIT

Since our company decided to cater to the “public” customers, we’ve been regularly looking for trade shows and exhibits where we can display our products. We usually joined trade show exhibits every quarter and mostly about technology and services related to technology.

I remember when we joined the exhibit held at the World Trade Center last year. It was my first experience to an exhibit so I was so curious about the things to prepare prior to the event. We’ve encountered problems on the design of our exhibit area, we’ve even had several discussion on whether to put table top display or just print some of product features on table covers. That was a more creative way. We end up with a tarpaulin backdrop printed by supplier.

I am not sure but what I’ve heard is that we’re going to participate again on a trade exhibit next year. If ever, I guess we will not have the same problems like the last time since I now found out a very reliable supplier for our trade show requirements --Camelback Displays. I was amazed of the various designs on their website. So I think next year we will have a fabulous display area.

Brown Raise

So it was "raise" and not "race"…I’m referring to the Brown Raise Movement which was being promoted by our church. It was our theme for the year. I thought before that it was spelled as “race”, the reason why I wasn’t able to find the site immediately when I was searching for it.

What is the Brown Raise Movement? I’ll quote these phrases from their advertisements and website:
What is a Filipino?

In 1542 to 1877, the word “Filipino” referred to a Spaniard living in the Philippines---the rest of the natives were called, “Indios.”

In 1878, José Rizal, for the first time, used the word Filipino to refer to the native population in the country.

In 1998, a Greek dictionary defined the word “Filipina”, as a domestic helper.

Today, “Filipinos” is the brand name for a series of biscuit snacks made by Kraft Foods in Europe.

In Boracay, a white man was heard calling a waitress, “Hey monkey, come here!” and the poor Filipina dutifully approached.

Sad but true, the perception of a Filipino today is a striking contrast during the time of Rizal when Filipinos in Europe were referred to as “the glory of the universities”.

F.Sionil Jose’s article “Why We Are Poor” looks back in the 50s and 60s when the Philippines was still the most envied country in Southeast Asia. Today, we are alongside Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Ghana, in terms of economic and social standing.

The Brown Raise is a movement to CREATE A NEW PATH for the Filipino people—that his world need not always have to revolve around the shallowness of money, pleasure and survival, but that he is also capable of remarkable character, dignity, honor, visions for humanity and depths of nationhood.

The Brown Raise is a movement that seeks to unlock the secrets and strengths of a race and country which was once called, “the pearl of the orient seas”, and to discover and pursue the Philippines’ unique contribution to the hall of nations.

Simply put, this movement was birthed to help Filipinos look up to themselves with dignity and worth.

I have been meaning to attend seminars about this but I am not able to go to because of time availability. But I’m thankful that finally, the Brown Raise Movement will visit Marikina on December 20th. I hope that many people will be able to attend though it has a minimal fee of Php300.00.

If you want to know more about the Brown Raise Movement, you visit their official site here.

As days goes, I’m hoping to share some of the things we’ve been taught about this movement. This is for us Filipinos.


Are you in the quest of finding the right one? Have you tried online dating, like choosing among the list of "Personals" in an online dating site? Well, personally, I won’t say that I’m for it or against it. Though I think it’s quite risky. But I know of a person who was happily married to someone he met online. He found the woman of his dreams by joining a dating site. And fell in love to one of the girl listed on the women personals list. They’ve been together for more than four years now. So I guess, online dating site like the can actually help someone, only that, you should be more cautious.

10 principles of good parenting - continued

This is the last five tips:

6. Foster your child’s independence. Setting limits helps your child develop a sense of self-control. Encouraging independence helps him or her develop a sense of self-direction. To be successful in life, your child needs both.

7. Be consistent. If your rules vary from day to day in an unpredictable fashion or you enforce them intermittently, your child’s misbehavior is your fault, not his. Your most important disciplinary tools is consistency.

8. Avoid harsh discipline. Parents should never hit a child under any circumstances. Children who are spanked, hit or slapped are more prone to fighting with other children; more likely to be bullies and to use aggression to solve disputes with others.

9. Explain your rules and decisions. Good parents have expectations they want their children to live up to. Generally parents over-explain to young children and under-explain to adolescents. What is obvious to you may not be evident to a 12-year-old. He doesn’t have the priorities, judgment or experience that you have.

10. Treat your children with respect. The best way to get respect from your child is to treat him respectfully. Give your child the same courtesies you would give to anyone else. Speak to him politely. Respect his opinion. Pay attention when he is speaking to you. Try to please him when you can. Children treat others the way their parents treat them Your relationship with your child is the foundation for his or her relationships with others.

There is no perfect parenting but at least there are tips that will help us parents on how to guide and parent our children. For that, I am thankful! :)

"Spend WISE!"

That is what I always tell my self whenever I am tempted to buy something. Now that the whole world is affected by global financial crisis, we as individual should think of ways on how to help our selves survive. It means that, let’s be a wise spender and as much as we can, save for the “rainy days”. The cost of fuel has gone down lately but you may never know when it will go up again.

Personally, I encourage my self to save more and spend less. As much as possible, I don’t buy my lunch at work. I bring my own cooked food and just heat it during lunch time. That way, I’m able to save few pesos every week. I also don’t buy signature or branded products. Since I believe that many products in the market is as good as those branded ones. What I believe is that, when we buy expensive, branded products, we’re paying for the name. Like when I buy for clothes, I usually do not go for branded ones but I look for the design and quality of the fabric. The same principle goes whenever I go to optical shops. I don’t buy expensive frames for my eyeglasses. Since nobody will ask me how much did I pay for it anyway, what the use of buying something that cost me a living? I say, that I’m a practical person. And next month, I’m planning to visit again my ophthalmologist for my check-up. I know she’ll recommend that I’ll change my eyeglasses. I’m thankful that I was able to find cheap eyeglasses online. I couldn’t believe it my self but ZenniOptical really sells eyeglasses from $8! That's because they deliver products direct from their factory. No middlemen, direct from factory to you. So that’s a lot of savings. I think I should start looking one for me….

And here’s my choice. What do you think?
3614  Metal - Euro Classic Style Half Rim Frames

10 Principles of Parenting

I got this article from Home & lifestyle magazine, July 2006 Issue. I found it helpful so I thought of sharing it here. This is written by Dr. Felicitas Artiaga-Soriano.

When we talk about parental influence, the greater and silent part of it is exerted by parental modeling. Without meaning to, parents teach children in many ways just by example they set. If there is a master key to teaching children, this would be it. Parental actions carry more weight than words, particularly if parents do not do what they say (Parenting: A Special Job for Ordinary People)

According to Laurence Steinberg, psychologist of Temple University, good parenting is that which fosters psychological adjustment – elements like honesty, empathy, self-reliance, kindles, cooperation , self-control and cheerfulness; helps children succeed in school; promotes the development of intellectual curiosity, motivation to learn and desire to achieve and deters children from anti-social behavior, delinquency, and drug and alcohol use; and helps protect children against the development of anxiety, depression, eating disorders and other types of psychological distress.

Here are 10 principles of good parenting according to Steinberg:

  1. What you do matters. Your kids are watching you. Don’t just react on the spur of the moment. Think “what do I want to accomplish, and is this likely to produce result?”
  2. Show your love. You cannot be too loving. Everyday, tell your children how much you love them. Give lots of hugs and kisses. It is simply not possible to spoil a child with love. What we often think of as the product of spoiling a child is never result of showing a child too much love. It is usually the consequence of giving child things in place of love – like leniency, lowered expectations, or material possessions.
  3. Be involved in your child’s life. Being an involved parent takes time, hard work, and means rethinking and rearranging your priorities, It frequently means sacrificing what you want to do for what your child needs to do. Be there mentally as well as physically.
  4. Adapt your parenting to fit your child. Keep pace with your child’s development. Consider how age affects the child’s behavior.
  5. Establish and set rules. The rules your child has learned from you are going to shape the rules he applies to himself. If you don’t manage your child’s behaviour when he us young, he will have a hard time learning how to manage himself when he gets older, especially when you’re not around. At any time, you should always be able to answer these: Where is my child? Who is with my child? What is my child doing?Provide order in your child’s life. Keep a regular schedule of meal, naps and bedtimes. If you have to change the schedule, tell your child about the changes ahead of time. However, you cannot micromanage your child. Once he or she is in middle school, you need to let the child do his or her own homework and make his own choices.
to be continued...

Looking for Someone?

I never tried using the People Finder feature provided by my mobile phone network. Honestly, I don’t have an idea how it works. I thought it was use when someone is lost somewhere and the other person will try to find his exact location. Is that it?

Anyway, here’s an online service that will help people find people. Whether a love one, long lost friend, or classmates you’ve lost contact with, you can try to find them at You just have to type the name of the person you’re looking for and the website will give you instant results. Once again, life’s made easier .

Friday Fill Ins # 94

1. Follow the rules.
2. My camera is something I always take with me on vacation.
3. To achieve your goals, you must never stop aiming high, strive and persevere.
4. My love for cooking is something I'd like you to know about me.
5. I have a lot of work to do today though the boss is not around.
6. My daughter loves seeing paper boat floats.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to dinner with my daughter, tomorrow my plans include getting her a passport and Sunday, I want to relax and unwind!

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Getting court records is as easy as ABC

For many legal people in the US, this site might be helpful. is a site that provides access to various court records and data whether for court cases or personal background checking. They have various documents of the 50 states including, California, Florida and Oklahoma Court Records among others.

Is it all about money?

"You can save money but money cannot save you"

This is the last statement I remember from Pro-tips this morning. Thinking about the world-wide financial crises, many are now being swayed and panicky. The news even said that even the elites here in the Philippines are affected.

Call center agents here are also worried of losing their jobs soon if the US economy continue to fall.

But, are you worried? If you're a person who trust money more that Him, sure you will be worried. Worried that you will not be able to get the return of your various investments, suffer business downfall, bankruptcy....But if you trust Him more, you don't have to be affected .

True enough you can save money but in the end it cannot save you. Let us not put our trust in money. It will come and go. It gives no satisfaction. People will never feel enough but always the lack of it. In times like these, let us put our trust in God for He's the only one who can satisfy.

Write a Review!

I know I’ve posted about Talkreviews here but here are some additional things that I’ve learned while reading their site.

Talkreviews do not only provide reviews of sites from the public. It also gives relevant information such us pagerank, traffic stats, links, Alexa stats and more.

They have available sites all over the world. There’s Talkreviews for Top South African Websites, Denmark, Japan, and even Philippines. And since this is a website open to all internet users and players, they encourage us to Write a Website Review and post it on the site since reliable opinions and information comes from internet users themselves.

Payday Tuesday!

Today is payday...on Friday there's a mall-wide sale on the two malls near the office..grabe, gastos nanaman (if I'll be tempted to visit the sale, hehehe!), but no. I'll be saving for something kasi so going to the sale is, for now, a big NO-NO.

I'll just go out for lunch today and that's it. Just to treat my self for the "hard work" I've done for the past 15 days. :D

You, what are your plans today?

Website Reveiws

Are you looking for somewhere to comment, praise, rant, or vent out (but not on your blog) about a particular site? Well, here comes TalkReviews. Here, you can Write a Website Review on any of the Top Websites in the world. You can even check out the various reviews and opinions of various public websites first before visiting them. That serves as brief intro of the site you may want to visit. This is good to avoid scams.


This is what she loves doing lately...

Last night, we went to the nearby supermarket to buy some ingredient for the tuna pesto pasta that I'm planning to make. Since the little girl didn't want mommy to leave, I brought her with me.

Inside the supermarket she was singing and asking questions whenever she sees a particular item. When I was done looking for my items, I passed by the children's accessories area and saw a box which I thought will be a good case for her colors. I was busy choosing and comparing prices, not knowing that the little lady was also busy. Well, she was able to get herself a coloring book of Diego and a colorful eraser which she already tucked in her armpit as if saying "this is mine". I have no choice but to pay for it since she won't let them go. (That was the coloring book she's holding in the pictures above. :D)

This picture below has a different story. Notice the hand print? That was hers. She loves tracing her hands (but of course, with mommy or yaya's help). I was busy reading a book while she's busy on her coloring books. After a while she went to me holding her book and showed this:

She said her finger nails have polish. I could guess why... :D maybe because she always see her nanny putting nail polish on her hands. She really has a wide imagination! :D


I can’t believe that people has been tracing the family genealogy of Christ. A fiction book was even written about it followed by a movie. Personally I don’t think that’s possible.

Speaking of family genealogy, I am really curious about tracing my own ancestors. I am hoping that I’ll be able to find it out with I might even know, I’m a descendant of one of our country’s hero? :D

The Balancing Act of Parenting

Back to my parenting nuggets this time.

I was reading the book "Raising Godly Kids" for quite some time now, but still haven't finished due to book-backlogs (some book needs to be prioritized that's why this one was set aside for a while ) But I started reading this book again and this particular topic caught my attention..and I want to share this to you as well, so read on :)

The Balancing Act of Parenting
by: Harold J. Sala

A young mother yelled at her child, "Be quiet!" A look at the child--barely a year old--told me that the child was sick. The mother's nerves were on edge. Her older children had colds too. But the little child couldn't turn off the tears any more readily than I could sing in Swedish or grow hair on the top of my head now that it has disappeared. What the child did understand though, was the tone of voice-the message was negative, very negative.

I didn't say anything, but I began to reflect on the fact that parenting is constant struggle to maintain balance.

Observation 1: The wise parent has to balance expectations with abilities.
Obviously, the ability of the sick child to stop crying was beyond the mother's expectations. It was impossible, period. Punishing a child for what he is incapable of doing is not only wrong but also counterproductive. The fact is every child is different. Just because an older child can do something doesn't necessarily mean that another child can do the same task at the same age.

Observation 2: The wise parent has to balance love and discipline.
You can discipline a child without love but you cannot love a child without discipline. Disciplining is one way of saying, "I love you too much to let you get away with this (talking back to me, throwing your food all over the table, sticking your tongue out at the teacher)" Does the bible make a case for discipline? Yes, a strong one. Does it make us strong a case for loving your child? Absolutely. Both are important and both must be balanced.

Observation 3: The wise parent has to balance protecting a child from hard knocks and letting him experience the consequences of his actions.
This especially applies to older children. Do you lie for your teenager to protect him, or let him face the court when he's been drinking?I'm convinced that parents do their child a disservice when they fail to help him understand that with every choice there are consequences, sometimes tough one.

Observation 4: Successful parenting has to balance turning loose with holding on.
Two mistakes of parenting are being overly strict and being overly permissive. Turn a child loose too soon, give him too much independence, and he will get into trouble. But hold on to the youngster for too long and he's certain to become angry and rebellious.

"Parenting is bringing out the best in our children without condemning them for what they cannot do or making them feel inadequate when they fail to meet our expectations."

Inmate Search

I am not so sure what’s the use of an inmate search like what the is offering. According to them, they can easily and quickly retrieve inmate records wherever in the US through their complete database. Maybe this is used for background checking if ever someone is suspicious of the background of a certain person. It’s good that this kind of service is available online. Searching is done fast and without much effort.

Flickr Mosaic

I snag this tag from Milette :) I had fun doing this..I was excited to see what images will pop up :D

The concept:
a. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.
b. Using only the first page, pick an image.
c. Copy and paste the html into your blog or Flickr stream. Or use the Mosaic Maker at fd’s Flickr Toys.

The Questions:

1. What is your first name? ~Maylyn~
2. What is your favorite food? ~Fried Chicken~
3. What high school did you go to? Ordinary Public School
4. What is your favorite color? ~Purple~
5. Who is your celebrity crush? ~Piolo Pascual~ (slight)
6. Favorite drink? ~Iced Tea~
7. Dream vacation? ~Paris~
8. Favorite dessert? ~Ice Cream~
9. What you want to be when you grow up? ~Writer~
10. What do you love most in life? ~God~ (second is my family)
11. One Word to describe you. ~Simple~
12. Looked up your flickr name and see what pops up. ~my family~

1. Maylyn in Vangvieng, 2. Fried Chicken @ Blue Smoke, 3. DSC_0149, 4. Purple, 5. Not available, 6. Long Island iced tea, 7. Not available, 8. Chocolate Ice Cream, 9. Not available, 10. For the love of God, 11. Simple Kind of Life, 12. cool summer

I love the last picture. I haven't visited my flickr account for quite sometime now. I was surprised to see that the last picture was the latest in my flickr stream (which reminds me to update my account). This picture was taken when Jaden was about 10 months old and still afraid of the water...Oh, I missed my hubby too. The last summer that we're together.

Family Tree

Did you ever thought about your family origin? Did you ever wonder where your surname came from? Or have you ever thought if your family is in the line of kennedy family tree? I always wondered about family origins. I have once attempted to trace down my family origin but since my family name is somewhat “ weird” and rare, I had difficulty. I am fascinated at how my boss carefully trace down his family origin. Well, I hope will be able to help him as he is really serious on this.

Plurk is addicting

That's why I decided to be inactive for a while :)

And so, as expected, my Karma went down again...

I was once an active plurker, until guilt hit me :D...As much as possible I only give 10-15 minutes on this site in a day..why? Simply because its addicting :D

But all my friends are there.... and because of being inactive for a while, late lagi sa good news :D. Oh well.... I hope I will be able to regain my groove in plurking and increase my karma..I love those cute emoticons!

The Area Code Locator

Part of my job is to contact foreign partners and suppliers either to place a call for my boss or to directly communicate to them on business matters. I remember a few years back, I was asked to call a foreign partner and I was puzzled on which area code to use. I have to call a local operator just for that. Good thing now it’s easy to Find Area Codes. The internet is a sure way to get relevant infos including zip codes, in just a snap. Thanks to :D

Friday Fill-Ins #93

1. One of the best concerts/plays/movies I ever saw that I really didn't think I'd like was a local movie A very Special Love.

2. Chicken in Oyster Sauce with Cashew Nuts is a recipe I recently made that was delicious!
3. It's time for a hot's a rainy Friday here.
4. A vacation is quite refreshing.
5. If I never hear the word "maybe next year" again, it'll be too soon.
6. To one side of the curving road was a fast food resto, and on the other was a church.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to watching my favorite TV series, tomorrow my plans include cleaning the house in the morning, going to a meeting with our pastor in the afternoon, and blogging in the evening and Sunday, I want to read the book Worship Maze and finish it (hopefully) and change my nail polish after.

More fill-ins here.

Annoying caller

My sister works in a call center and she once told me that one of her colleagues was reported by a customer as annoying caller. She said that sometimes call agents do everything they can just to close a sale that’s why some don’t bother even if they’re being tagged as harassing caller. I know my sister is not one of them and I hope that she’ll not be included in any Harassing Caller Report that this site is providing.