Reverse Phone Look Up

There’s not a day that I won’t have missed calls or calls from unknown numbers and SMS from people I don’t know. Trying to get my attention or just plain friendship request. I don’t talk to strangers that’s why it really annoys me. I understand that maybe because the network of that phone offers free and unlimited calls to same network the reason why others who have nothing to do with their lives spend time to do such things. There was a time that I really got pissed off that I sent a message to the caller telling him/her that I’ll report him/her to the National Telecommunications Commission if they won’t stop bugging me. That's just to scare them. Honestly, I wish there’s also a Reverse Phone Lookup service here in the Philippines. It’s a great help for people to know exactly the name and address of people who called them, prank callers, and numbers that they don’t recognized.


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ei, i didnt even know that there is a thankful thursday.. can send me a link so that i'll join? thanx! cute ng baby mo.. tabchinhching din..

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