This is what she loves doing lately...

Last night, we went to the nearby supermarket to buy some ingredient for the tuna pesto pasta that I'm planning to make. Since the little girl didn't want mommy to leave, I brought her with me.

Inside the supermarket she was singing and asking questions whenever she sees a particular item. When I was done looking for my items, I passed by the children's accessories area and saw a box which I thought will be a good case for her colors. I was busy choosing and comparing prices, not knowing that the little lady was also busy. Well, she was able to get herself a coloring book of Diego and a colorful eraser which she already tucked in her armpit as if saying "this is mine". I have no choice but to pay for it since she won't let them go. (That was the coloring book she's holding in the pictures above. :D)

This picture below has a different story. Notice the hand print? That was hers. She loves tracing her hands (but of course, with mommy or yaya's help). I was busy reading a book while she's busy on her coloring books. After a while she went to me holding her book and showed this:

She said her finger nails have polish. I could guess why... :D maybe because she always see her nanny putting nail polish on her hands. She really has a wide imagination! :D


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