Is it all about money?

"You can save money but money cannot save you"

This is the last statement I remember from Pro-tips this morning. Thinking about the world-wide financial crises, many are now being swayed and panicky. The news even said that even the elites here in the Philippines are affected.

Call center agents here are also worried of losing their jobs soon if the US economy continue to fall.

But, are you worried? If you're a person who trust money more that Him, sure you will be worried. Worried that you will not be able to get the return of your various investments, suffer business downfall, bankruptcy....But if you trust Him more, you don't have to be affected .

True enough you can save money but in the end it cannot save you. Let us not put our trust in money. It will come and go. It gives no satisfaction. People will never feel enough but always the lack of it. In times like these, let us put our trust in God for He's the only one who can satisfy.


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