Brown Raise

So it was "raise" and not "race"…I’m referring to the Brown Raise Movement which was being promoted by our church. It was our theme for the year. I thought before that it was spelled as “race”, the reason why I wasn’t able to find the site immediately when I was searching for it.

What is the Brown Raise Movement? I’ll quote these phrases from their advertisements and website:
What is a Filipino?

In 1542 to 1877, the word “Filipino” referred to a Spaniard living in the Philippines---the rest of the natives were called, “Indios.”

In 1878, José Rizal, for the first time, used the word Filipino to refer to the native population in the country.

In 1998, a Greek dictionary defined the word “Filipina”, as a domestic helper.

Today, “Filipinos” is the brand name for a series of biscuit snacks made by Kraft Foods in Europe.

In Boracay, a white man was heard calling a waitress, “Hey monkey, come here!” and the poor Filipina dutifully approached.

Sad but true, the perception of a Filipino today is a striking contrast during the time of Rizal when Filipinos in Europe were referred to as “the glory of the universities”.

F.Sionil Jose’s article “Why We Are Poor” looks back in the 50s and 60s when the Philippines was still the most envied country in Southeast Asia. Today, we are alongside Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Ghana, in terms of economic and social standing.

The Brown Raise is a movement to CREATE A NEW PATH for the Filipino people—that his world need not always have to revolve around the shallowness of money, pleasure and survival, but that he is also capable of remarkable character, dignity, honor, visions for humanity and depths of nationhood.

The Brown Raise is a movement that seeks to unlock the secrets and strengths of a race and country which was once called, “the pearl of the orient seas”, and to discover and pursue the Philippines’ unique contribution to the hall of nations.

Simply put, this movement was birthed to help Filipinos look up to themselves with dignity and worth.

I have been meaning to attend seminars about this but I am not able to go to because of time availability. But I’m thankful that finally, the Brown Raise Movement will visit Marikina on December 20th. I hope that many people will be able to attend though it has a minimal fee of Php300.00.

If you want to know more about the Brown Raise Movement, you visit their official site here.

As days goes, I’m hoping to share some of the things we’ve been taught about this movement. This is for us Filipinos.


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