Is It Time for a Career Change?

I always listen to my favorite morning radio program because aside from news, there's one particular segment that I love. The Pro-Tips segment. A five-minute program of FEBC, 702 DZAS that gives professionals, useful tips and advices. Here's one that I want to share with you:

Changing Careers: Is It Time for a Career Change?
by Marlene Legaspi-Munar

According to some experts, the average person may have to change careers at least three times during a life time. But how do you know when it's time to look for another job or to change careers? Tulad ng anumang sakit, may mga sintomas din ang isang naghihingalong career. Kaya suriin natin ngayon ang inyong mga sarili, lalo na ang inyong attitude sa pagtatrabaho upang matiyak natin kung kailangan nyo na ngang magbago ng propesyon. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

First question: Are you bored?
Kung masigla ka sa iyong trabaho, malamang na tugma sa iyo ang iyong trabaho. Pero kung sa kabila ng ilang mga pagbabago o adjustment at nababagot ka pa rin at hindi mo na makita ang saysay ng pagpasok mo sa trabaho mula alas otso hanggang alas singko, then kailangan mo na sigurong magpalit ng trabaho.

Second question: Do you dread going back to work on Monday?
Natural lang na kapag Biyernes ang hirit mo ay, "Thank God, it's Friday!" All of us who work from Monday to Friday look forward to a restful weekend with our family and loved ones. Pero kapag darating ang Linggo ng gabi at nalulungkot ka…kapag Lunes na naman at nadedepressed ka…kapag lagi ka na lang umaangal ng ,"Oh no, it's Monday again!", hindi magandang senyales ito.

Does a big percentage of your work involve tasks that you dislike? A big motivation for us to stay in a job is the sense of satisfaction that we derive from our work. If we don't enjoy the tasks involved in our work, it will be hard for us to stay in that job. Of course, we should always work hard and persevere. But what we are talking here is a dislike due to conflict with your values or perhaps a big mismatch with your skills and aptitudes. Speaking of skills, may kinalaman diyan ang sunod nating tanong.

Third question: Are you able to use your talents and skills in your present career?
Does your present career allow you to express your God-given talents and abilities? May mga tao bang napapagpala habang ikaw ay nagtratrabaho o resulta ng iyong pagtratrabaho? A good indication that you are fitted to your job is when others are blessed by what you do because we work not only to earn a living, but also to serve others. Kung hindi ito nangyayari sa iyo, then give some serious thought to changing career.

Are you experiencing growth in your career? Not only financial growth, although it may be a big consideration but in other areas as well. Does your career enhance your spiritual growth, as well as your social growth? Ito ay mga bagay na dapat mo ring pag-isipan.

Alam natin na sa panahon ngayon hindi ganoon kadaling maghanap ng trabaho o magiba ng linya ng trabaho o propesyon. So before you consider a career change, pagaralan mo munang mabuti. Ask God's guidance.

I hope some of my friends who were thinking of resigning or shifting career will be able to read this as I don't want to tell them directly. Let them think and decide for themselves, right?

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This is Marlene Legaspi-Munar. Yes, believe it or not. Thank you for sharing this article to your readers. Drop by my blogsite to read more of my articles--di nga lang Protips! Can you also add a link to my blogsite?

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