One way to reach the public customer is through EXHIBIT

Since our company decided to cater to the “public” customers, we’ve been regularly looking for trade shows and exhibits where we can display our products. We usually joined trade show exhibits every quarter and mostly about technology and services related to technology.

I remember when we joined the exhibit held at the World Trade Center last year. It was my first experience to an exhibit so I was so curious about the things to prepare prior to the event. We’ve encountered problems on the design of our exhibit area, we’ve even had several discussion on whether to put table top display or just print some of product features on table covers. That was a more creative way. We end up with a tarpaulin backdrop printed by supplier.

I am not sure but what I’ve heard is that we’re going to participate again on a trade exhibit next year. If ever, I guess we will not have the same problems like the last time since I now found out a very reliable supplier for our trade show requirements --Camelback Displays. I was amazed of the various designs on their website. So I think next year we will have a fabulous display area.


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