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~Words Ending in TER ~ I Say You Answer~

1. answer? my everyday companion, I can't live without.

2. Body of answer? Marikina River

3. Kitchen answer? Dirty plates after a feast.

4. Letter answer? I am, back in my teenage years.


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MQW8 - Things You Love the Most


The Rules:

The aim of these questions is to share opinions and experiences among moms (or dads) in the blogosphere.

Each week a new question will be posted and I’m inviting mom and dads to answer and share their thoughts about it.

If you are participating, leave your links in the comments section.
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This week’s question is : What are the things you love the most about your kids?


First I love her sweetness. She'll just kiss me and say I love you and hug me even out of the blue. She's also polite. She always ends her answers to me with "opo". She shares her food with others even to her yaya. She's thoughtful. She remembers to pray for her cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents. She looks for me or her nanny when she don't see anyone of us.

She always says sorry and embraces me when she knows that I'm angry or when she knows that she've hurt me physically or emotionally.

She's my little helper. She helps me in her own little way. I can always tell her to clean her clutter or throw something to the garbage. She responds to my simple instructions.

And lastly, I love everything about her because she's our bundle of joy. She's God's gift and a testimony of God's goodness and faithfulness to us. We have gone through a difficult situation when she's still 3months old, but God revealed His provision and faithfullness.


Busy busy busy....

But I'm thankful that it's Friday again...that means, weekend is coming. I'm just glad that finally, I'll have a break. It's been over a month now that I'm always in our church center for practice every Thursday and Friday and during our Wednesday-Midweek, then sing every Sunday. I know this is for the Lord but at times, I feel dog-tired...worn out...coming to practice after office hours then going home late. Whew! Thankful that finaly, this week I'm not singing.

Tomorrow, I'll have a two hour driving lesson {excited! :)}

Maybe go to the mall after that...and cuddle my little lady while watching PDA :)

Sunday, I'll spent some of my time with my blogs and hopefully get some opps.

I hope next week will be great as this week has been stressful :D

Friday Fill-Ins #87

1. When I'm sick I'm doing everything I can to feel better.

2. When I take a walk, I think about God's goodness as I see His wonderful creations.

3. Money can't buy happiness but it can help indigent people and victims of calamity feel happy even for a while if some rich people share it to them.

4. Cotton makes me think of my pillow and leather makes me think of shoes.

5. The strangest person/character I've had lewd thoughts about was...Lewd? I think I haven't done this ever. ^_^

6. My favorite color these days is violet because I now find it an interesting color.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to watching my favorite TV show with my daughter, tomorrow my plans include attending my driving lesson and Sunday, I want to treat my self with a foot spa after church!

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Chikai's Birthday Game

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Kids Fear Food Factor

This has been an overdue tag na from C.A.

~~~Start Copy~~~

1.) Name something strange that your kids love to eat. Doesn’t matter how many.
2.) Post an image of him or her enjoying ‘the’ strange food liking. If none, just a photo of him having a feast.
3.) Add your kids name in the linky love with the blog where you posted this meme.
4.) Get back to Living the Healthy Life Blog by leaving a comment so your kids’ name be added to the master list.
5.) Tag as many of your friends with kids.

Kids who joined the fear food factor: ETHAN / MARTHA / JJ / Ozzy / GABBY and NICCO / ESTONG / Kuya and Kowi/ Big Brother AL-kiddo of Mommy Yen / Ethan - kiddo of Mommy Butchay/ EU-LEH "Kulit" - Little One of C.A. "tque" / Jaden - Mhay's little lady / YOUR KID’s NAME with your Blog’s URL

What’s your kids fear food factor?

Nowadays my daughter turns to be a picky eater. She doesn't eat a lot and it worries me. But when in the mood, she loves eating chicken, broccoli, sayote and fried fish. What excites her is whenever I come and she'll get something inside my bag. I always brings her "pasalubong" kasi. On this picture, she was excited as she opened the hamburger I brought home for her. Takaw-tingin lang naman, she never finished eating that.

~~~End Copy~~~

Since it took me a while to post this tag, I don't know who else did this already so I'm just tagging Lilet and Lutchi.

My Fill-Ins

A tag from Lilet :)


My roommate and I once: worked in one company

Never in my life have I: been accused of committing a drug-related crime

High school was: the best part of my teenage life.

When I’m nervous: heart thumps

My hair: has been rebonded trice

When I was 5: I was on top of our class {nursery}.

When I turn my head left: you'll see the right side of my face, hehe :D

I should be: giving the same attention with this blog the way I do with my other blog.

By this time next year: will me my 5th anniversary at work.

My favorite aunt is: in the province.

I have a hard time understanding: complicated HTML codes and terms.

You know I like you if: I share my self with you.

My ideal breakfast is: fried rice, dried fish with spicy vinegar complete with hot choco

If you visit my home town: you'll be amazed.

If you spend the night at my house: you won't be comfortable, we don't have AC :D

The animal I would like to see flying besides birds: can only be seen in my imagination.

I shouldn’t have been: thinking so much unnecessary things

Last night I: was able to talk with my husband before going to sleep.

A better name for me would be: Margarette (I like that name)

I’ve been told I look like: Tetchie Agbayani(?)

If I could have any car, it would be: something suitable to my size. A Picanto or a Cherry will do.

Now your turn, Milette, Lutchi and Nice :)

Blog Trip: Come and Join Us

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This blog says...

Wordle gave me the image of the list of words my blog usually contains.

Cute! Try it too. :)

Friday Fill-Ins #86

1. Dancing to the rythm while singing makes me exhausted at times but it's one way for me to stay fit while doing the things I love.

2. The last time I talked to my husband I nearly cried, I miss him so much.

3. When I drive (I hope I'll learn fast...) I'll make sure I'm a good and patient driver.

4. I saw my curious little daughter standing right behind me while cooking our dinner last night.

5. Give me time, give me your extra patience, give me space and I'm sure I'll learn driving in 7 days.

6. Next week I am looking forward to the holiday and another driving session.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to our rehearsal, tomorrow my plans includes attending my first day of Driving Class and visiting the office our developer to submit our HLA and Sunday, I want to go to the market, finished the book I'm reading and enjoy the rest of the day with my daughter!

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What's in a "Bangs"?

When I was young I used to wear full bangs. My father was our "hair stylist" and he used to cut our hair short. He termed it as an "apple cut". I always had a bangs... as if we had no choice but to wear our hair like that. When I got older that's when I started deciding for my own hairstyle. I got rid of bangs. But now, it's back and seems to be a fabulous fad.

I saw Reese's (Witherspoon) latest Avon commercial and I just love her hair.

But where and what is really the origin of "Bangs"?

Well, I got an answer here:

According to etymology scholar Robert Barnhart, the term is strictly American in origin. In Britain they call it "fringe".

"The origin of bangs (the word is occasionally found in the singular bang), referring to a fringe of hair falling over the forehead (especially if cut square), is uncertain.

A common explanation, and the most likely one, is that bang(s) is short for bangtail. A bangtail is a horse's tail trimmed horizontally, so that the tail has a flat, even end, and hence a horse having such a tail. (By the early twentieth century, bangtail was used generically for 'a racehorse'.)

This leaves the question of the origin of bangtail. The word bang 'to strike violently' or 'a sudden striking blow or sound' has an adverbial sense 'suddenly; abruptly; completely; directly', as in "he walked bang up to me," "a slam-bang effort," or, closer for our purposes, "to cut (something) bang off." Our bangs is probably from this adverbial use, one way or another: either it comes directly from this adverb, or bangtail itself is from this adverb and bang(s) is short for bangtail.

The adverbial bang is recorded in the late eighteenth or early nineteenth century, depending on how you interpret the evidence. Bangtailed '(of a horse) having a bangtail' is found in the early 1860s, and bang 'fringe of hair' is first found in the late 1870s in America."

As of this moment, I had just a portion of my hair for my bangs. I'm still hesitant to had it cut in full. I hope I can get enough courage that of Reese or Anne Curtis (in Dyosa) I wonder How will I look.

Spreading The Love

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MQW7 - Jaden's Favorite Foods

To answer Nice's question of the week...

Jaden eat almost everything I served. I'm just having a hard time kasi now she's not eating a lot. But if she's in the mood here are the food she loves.

1. Pancit. I just break the noodles into pieces so she can eat without choking her self. She also calls it pancit even if it's sopas :D

2. Tinola. Specially the "gulay" from it. She loves the soup, chicken and sayote.

3. Chicken with Pineapple (Pininyahang Manok). she loves the sabaw cause it's sweet.

3. Fried Chicken. She just love it. I think every kids do.

4. Fish. Wag lang those na malansa. Cause she tends to throw up.

5. Egg. She prefers it either boiled or scrambled.

6. For snacks she loves stuffed cakes (Inipit or Lemon square cakes), Chuckie (choco drink), Yakult, and Pretzels dipped in cream cheese spread.

So basically, she loves soup and sweet dishes.She prefers chicken and fish over pork or beef mas tender kasi ang meat. Not like other kids, she doesn't like hotdogs that much.

Friday Fill-Ins #85

1. The last meal I had at a restaurant was Mongolian Squid Meal during lunch.

2. Cockroaches and cigarette smoke are something I intensely dislike.

3. The full moon is one thing that my daughter likes to look at a clear night.

4. "Shocks" is one of my favorite local expressions.

5. Sometimes it's best to just be still for a while and listen.

6. A Very Special Love (A local Philippine Movie) is the best movie I've seen so far this year!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to our rehearsal for Sunday's service, tomorrow my plans include enrolling in a Driving School and start learning and Sunday, I want to just stay at home and enjoy bonding with my daughter after church!

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Brother 4-in-1

I'm planning to buy a printer for my pc. But what I have in mind is a three-in-one type (scanner, copier, printer all in one!)

And then I saw this yesterday sold at 0% interest payable n 6 months....

It's a Brother 4-in-1 inkjet printer sold at only Php 3,950.00! That is about $90. I never thought I could find a 4-in-1 type at an affordable price. I am not just sure of the quality of prints but I hope this one is a good buy. I'm thinking of getting one.