Kids Fear Food Factor

This has been an overdue tag na from C.A.

~~~Start Copy~~~

1.) Name something strange that your kids love to eat. Doesn’t matter how many.
2.) Post an image of him or her enjoying ‘the’ strange food liking. If none, just a photo of him having a feast.
3.) Add your kids name in the linky love with the blog where you posted this meme.
4.) Get back to Living the Healthy Life Blog by leaving a comment so your kids’ name be added to the master list.
5.) Tag as many of your friends with kids.

Kids who joined the fear food factor: ETHAN / MARTHA / JJ / Ozzy / GABBY and NICCO / ESTONG / Kuya and Kowi/ Big Brother AL-kiddo of Mommy Yen / Ethan - kiddo of Mommy Butchay/ EU-LEH "Kulit" - Little One of C.A. "tque" / Jaden - Mhay's little lady / YOUR KID’s NAME with your Blog’s URL

What’s your kids fear food factor?

Nowadays my daughter turns to be a picky eater. She doesn't eat a lot and it worries me. But when in the mood, she loves eating chicken, broccoli, sayote and fried fish. What excites her is whenever I come and she'll get something inside my bag. I always brings her "pasalubong" kasi. On this picture, she was excited as she opened the hamburger I brought home for her. Takaw-tingin lang naman, she never finished eating that.

~~~End Copy~~~

Since it took me a while to post this tag, I don't know who else did this already so I'm just tagging Lilet and Lutchi.


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