MQW7 - Jaden's Favorite Foods

To answer Nice's question of the week...

Jaden eat almost everything I served. I'm just having a hard time kasi now she's not eating a lot. But if she's in the mood here are the food she loves.

1. Pancit. I just break the noodles into pieces so she can eat without choking her self. She also calls it pancit even if it's sopas :D

2. Tinola. Specially the "gulay" from it. She loves the soup, chicken and sayote.

3. Chicken with Pineapple (Pininyahang Manok). she loves the sabaw cause it's sweet.

3. Fried Chicken. She just love it. I think every kids do.

4. Fish. Wag lang those na malansa. Cause she tends to throw up.

5. Egg. She prefers it either boiled or scrambled.

6. For snacks she loves stuffed cakes (Inipit or Lemon square cakes), Chuckie (choco drink), Yakult, and Pretzels dipped in cream cheese spread.

So basically, she loves soup and sweet dishes.She prefers chicken and fish over pork or beef mas tender kasi ang meat. Not like other kids, she doesn't like hotdogs that much.


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