Friday Fill-Ins #96

1. My favorite food seasonings are salt and pepper.
2.My daughter's laughter is music to my ears.
3. Lucky is a word I seldom say.. I say bless or blessing instead.
4. My church ministry is something I take very seriously.
5. Many people thought that I'm on my twenties when in fact, I am already 30 :).
6. A pumpkin basket for my daughter's trick or treat was the last thing I bought at the store.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to watching my fave tv show, tomorrow my plans include rest and Sunday, I want to rest! The week is so tiring :)

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1 Kind Word(s):

Smilingsal said...

We match on #2.

I agree with #4, although I put something different. Come visit.