XML "geeks", here's for you.

XML, HTML, CSS, SQL? I admit I only learned about these terms when I started and get hooked with blogging. I was an advertising student in college because I hate numbers and logic. I never thought I’ll get fascinated with computers and XMLs now. Our IT department even asked for my assistance once in a while in some of their web design projects. Thanks to my little XML knowledge. If I can only turn back time, I’ll shift course. Anyway, enough of that. I’m grateful that at least I’m not that clueless about XMLs. But for those XML geeks out there, here’s for you:

The 2008 XML Challenge. Get a chance to win exciting prizes and be the next XML superstar! This contest is being sponsored by IDUG and is open to both students and professionals who are into XML and data base development. It’s a series of contest compose of a Video Contest, Gadget Contest, Query Challenge, Port an Application, and Develop an application. Exciting prizes awaits participants of each category. For Asian participants, here are the prizes: T-shirts for the early bird winners of the Quick Quiz, Nintendo Wii for the Video Mania category, Ipod Nano and Nintendo Wii for the Query Challenge, and a lot more!

Interested? Register to the IDUG contest now and who knows? You might be the next XML Superstar!



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