Be prepared.

Today I've attended a forum about Risk Reduction. It's a forum organized by one of the Lopez Group of Companies for those who were affected by the recent catastrophes. Speakers are from the Manila Observatory who are the ones doing the research and study about climate change, disaster prevention and risk reduction.

Well I must say, it's informative and at the same time, gave the attendees a little scare. As you all know, we live in Marikina and honestly, I'm quite sentimentally attached to this city. For one, I grew up here. And two, it's near to where I work. But the study that they presented to us showed that the city is among the areas in the country that is prone to flooding and earthquake (because of the Marikina Fault Line). At the end of the forum there where questioned raised. There are some who were scared about the earthquake and the damage it will cause, there were some who seek advised if they should relocate, etc. I could sense that they are really scared.

As for me, I beleive that no one can predict when such things will happen. Only God knows. We just need to be prepared physically, emotionally and most specially spiritually, and set the recent catastrophe as a benchmark in our planning and preparation.


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