22nd Week.

I'm now on my 22nd week and had my 3rd leg cramps attach last Friday morning, ouchy... But so far so good.

I'm eating, well, enough for me and my baby. I've gained weight. I'm now 50kgs., I gained 2 kilos from my the last time I checked :). My Tummy is now showing so much that everyone notices me already. At 5 and 1/2 months, some says I'm small, some says I'm bigger compare to my last pregnancy. Well, people really have different views. Also, my fingers are starting to swell, which reminds me to keep an eye on my rings :D.

I also bought some pregnancy clothes last week. I can't find some of my clothes that I lend to to my sisters, and they haven't returned all of them so I need to buy some. As always, pregnancy clothes are still pricey :D.

As for the baby, I can feel it move every time I eat something. It rolls and moves a lot now. Some says it's a boy because of his "moves" though some says a girl. Anyway, my ultrasound schedule is still on December so let's wait and see who will guess it right. I'm excited! :)


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