Now, Printing's made easy!

Have you tried outsourcing your printing requirements? I’ve recently done it and found out that it’s much cheaper AND convenient than having it printed at nearby local printers. And based on my personal experience it’s more comfortable to just send the files or anything you want to be printed online and just wait for the print outs shipped to your address rather than going through the process of looking for suitable printers, spending time proofreading, and so on...

I’m a busy mom but I see to it that I also work on my hobby when my schedule permits me. And one of my hobbies requires me to create layouts so it can turn out to be nice photo books and I‘m considering printing them using PsPrint, a better alternative to Kinkos. At PsPrint, online printing is really hassle-free and it suits me! I think this is also a great alternative for small business owners out there. Having your brochures and flyers printed is faster because at PsPrint they offer super fast turn-around time, even receiving them the same day. And unlike other printers who requires minimum number of orders and print outs, online printers give you much more options and can even accommodate even a single print out. That’s why I highly recommend online printing.

And now that Christmas is fast approaching, personally created gifts are the best gifts you can give to love ones. As for me, I’ll be working on a calendar and I’m considering having my postcards done at PsPrint since they are offering 40% at all postcard printing services until the end of this month. I’ll be giving them out to relatives and friends abroad. I’m sure they’ll love it and appreciate it a lot.


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