20th Week.

I'm now approaching my 20th week! From my last check-up, I gained 3 kilos. From 44 kgs., I'm now 47 kg. I also had my second leg cramps attack the other night, sigh..but aside from that, I'm feeling perfectly well. I can also feel now that the baby's moving. I think the moves are the baby's reaction when I'm hungry, bloated (LOL!) or when the baby do hiccups. I'm happy whenever I feel the movements.

My next prenatal checkup will be on the 7th of November. I'm hoping that by that time I'm not yet overweight. I'm eating too much lately (lol!). I'm also busy now choosing for the baby's name. We want the baby to have the same initial as my lovely daughter JM. I'm enjoying looking and mix-matching names, haha. I'll post the name here when I already made the final decision and when we already kew baby #2's gender.


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