18 Weeks...

It's been quite a while..it's already October and where's my updates?

I'm now on my 18th week. So far so good. I have no more food aversions. I have a scheduled prenatal checkup last Saturday but I wasn't able to come. It was raining hard so I just told my OB that I'll go next week. I just hope that the baby is okay.

The last week's events gave me so much stress. We were one of those affected by the flood and the water level was above my chest. I was on panic last Saturday when the water began to rise. We were caught unprepared. The week after that I felt achy all over. I got tired cleaning up and washing some clothes. It was really a traumatic and tiring experience but I am so thankful that we're all safe. The Lord has been on our side and He never leave us during that time that we really need Him most. He game me strength and reminded me to just be still and trust Him.

For now, I believe that we're okay. I'm just praying that nothing happened with my baby.


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