Starting a Car

Because my driving lesson has just ended, I wanted to post this so I won't forget.

Many people drive cars with manual transmission simply because they enjoy shifting gears with a stick shift. While others prefer manual cars because they usually cost less than the same model with automatic transmission and when properly driven, may reduce fuel consumption. I think for those who do not know the basic of starting a manual-shift car, this might help, at least.

Steps in Starting a Car with Manual Transmission:
1. Make sure that the shifting lever is on N (neutral) position.
2. Check that hand break is set
3. Press the accelerator pedal lightly
4. Turn the ignition key to start and release the key as the engine turns
5. Check the gauge and warning lights

Now in order to make the car moving and keeps on moving, we have to follow these steps:
1. Press the brake pedal with right foot, press the clutch down tot he floor with the left foot.
2. Shift in first gear
3. Release parking brake
4. Check traffic in rear view mirror and side mirrors. Look over your shoulders to check blind spots.
5. Apply gradual pressure on the gas pedal
6. Slowly let the clutch up to the friction point. If the car jerks, it's either you release the clutch too abruptly or you pressed too hard on the gas pedal. If the car lurches and the engine stall out, you've not fed the engine enough gas.
7. Apply gradual pressure on the gas pedal to increase speed.

There you go....easy noh?


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