Blog Trip Day 3: Food Trip

We're on our Day-3 and the topic is food. :)

Here in our city, there's one place that we always visit when we crave for seafood. We call it "Dampa sa Riverbanks" or Riverside Grill. It's like the "Seaside Paluto" in ParaƱaque City but here, the food is much cheaper and you don't have to buy the seafood from the wet market. Everything is ready for you to choose and just asked them to cook for you.

My favorite is the Garlic Buttered Shrimp and Bake Tahong (clams), and grilled Tilapia or Tuna Belly.

The left photo is one of the store in Marikina Riverbanks Grill the second photo is the original seaside seafood grill in ParaƱaque.

There are also some restaurants in the nearby mall and some of my favorites are Gerry's Grill, Max's Restaurant and Bacolod Chicken Inasal.

Photo on left is the best seller Chicken Inasal while the photo on right are some of my favorite food. To include: Chinese Hotpot, Choice seafood plate, Pasta, Pizza, Grilled fish and for dessert, carrot wall nut cake topped with mango creme and wall nuts :)

Here in the Philippines, place to eat is not a problem. There are a lot of restaurants inside the mall and there are a lot of malls! :D. There are also a variety of cuisines to choose from, Italian, Mexican, Korean, Chinese, or Japanese. :D

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3 Kind Word(s):

rmgales said...

The Garlic Buttered Shrimp sounds wonderful, and the Chicken Inasal looks delicious. I'm glad I visited you!

outdoorgriller said...

I have never had clams by themselves that sounds like it would be good I put everything you put on the shrimp but I put a little bit of paprika on them and if you wanted to get rid of some of the carbons from the grill you can make a foil pouch for the fish with all of your seasonings and low fat butter and then put them on the grill there are some great recipes and tips at

chino said...

inggit na talaga ako , gusto ko na magfood trip din