On Deciding...

I was on my way to work this morning when I heard the radio DJ gave this statement: "Opportunity comes only once so when you got the chance, grabbed it at once..."

Earlier while I was preparing for work, I was listening to my favorite radio station and heard this from my favorite radio program. "It's easy to determine, choose, and decide between good and bad, but choosing between what's better and best is another story." And there are times that we're in that situation. Thinking, and thinking really hard to make the best decision. I've been there several times and it was really hard. The program suggested three things in making decisions.

  • Don't rush on major decisions. Ironically, the DJ's suggestion does not fit in this kind of situation. Yes, opportunity comes only once but if it's a big decision for us to make, we should be more careful..don't rush.
  • Consult with reliable mentors, relatives and friends because they know you and they will probably know what's best for you. Sure, you are still going to make that decision but decision making will be easy if you have suggestions to think about or weigh in.
  • Anticipate the long-term impact of your decision.Don't be lured with the beautiful things you can see or the benefits that is being presented by that opportunity, we should think of the long-term and not the temporary. We should think of it's long-term effect not only to our selves but to our loved ones as well.


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