Finishing the race...whatever it takes!

My eyes were wet with tears because of the video clips that were shown yesterday during our Sunday service. Our pastor's message was about finishing our life race. He showed three clips in connection to his message. The two clips were about two athletes, Derek Redmond, who fell during the 1992 Barcelona Spain Olympic because of hamstring injury and John Stephen Akhwari who was the last athlete to arrived during the 1968 Mexico Olympic. Both were determined to finished their races despite the injuries they faced along the way. Both were brave athletes who finished their race for their countries.

This other clip however is about a team of father and son. A realy inspiring story. The story of Dick and Rick Hoyt. Rick is the son who had cerebral palsy but desires to join the Ironman Triathlon and Dick, the father who showed his love for his son, who did everything to make his son happy. It's a picture of how God love us so much that when we are so determined to finished our life races, and He sees our determination, He will be there to support us. He will never leave nor forsake us.

Hope you'll be inspired as you watch these videos...




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