Blog Trip Day 4: Shop Around the City

As I've mentioned on my Day 3 entry, there are a lot of shopping malls in the Philippines. I think every city has.

Most of you may I agree with me when I say that women love shopping, right? I do. So If I have time, I go to the mall. Good thing that there are shopping malls near my place; Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall, Robinson's Metro East, Bluewave Marquinton and Riverbanks Mall. There is also the new SM City Marikina which will be opened to public on Friday. I'm excited to visit that place for finally, we'll have an SM mall in our area. SM is I think one of the famous if not the number one shopping mall in the Philippines.

These shopping malls have their own specialties. But I usually do my groceries at Riverbanks Mal, commodities are much cheaper. When I shop for clothes and other personal items, I either go to Robinson's or Sta. Lucia East because there are lots of boutiques and outlets to choose from aside from their own department stores.

Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall

Robinson's Metro East and Riverbanks Mall

Blue Wave Marquinton


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Gin E said...

Been in this mall a couple of times. I like Metroeast more than Sta.Lu. But for bargain shopping I go Riverbanks. :)