MQW5 - Perfect Age For Kids To Enter School

Mommastuff Question of the week:

For those who have kids who are already schooling, what
age did you child enter school? Do you think it is the right age?

For those who have kids who are not yet schooling,
what age will you enter your child to school? Why did you pick that

Like Momie Milet, I believe that it’s better to observe your children first if they are ready to go to a formal school because it depends really on the child. If he or she shows signs that they are ready, parents should be aware of it. As parents we should know how our children develop emotionally and intellectually since it will be our gauge in determining their readiness. .

Jaden’s development is slightly above normal based from her pedia’s observation. But I think she’s still enjoying this stage of exploration. I enrolled her last summer at Kindermusik and as I’ve observe she’s still playing. She’s not completely focusing on the lessons during the class but she remembers their songs and actions when we do reviews at home. Kindermusik made her appreciate music more. Socially, she’s okay naman. She knows how to mingle and play with other kids. For now, my goal is for her to learn her ABCs and numbers correctly. Her ABC is jumbled when she sings it but when she recites it she can recite correctly. She can also point letters A, B, and H when she sees it. As for the numbers, she knows how to recite it in English and Filipino.

In summary, I think proper age will be when she turns three or four.


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