Breast Cancer Awareness

Got this tag from Milette:

Let us help spread the awareness on the ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ month of June. Please help convey the importance of regular examination and early detection of breast cancer in order to catch this disease when it first erupts, maximizing the chance of survival and recovery.

These are some facts I got from Cancer Research web site. How many people survive breast cancer?

  • More women are surviving breast cancer than ever before
  • Breast cancer survival rates have been improving for more than twenty years
  • In the 1970s around 5 out of 10 breast cancer patients survived beyond five years. Now it’s 8 out of 10
  • Breast cancer survival rates are significantly higher among women from the most affluent areas compared to women living in the most deprived areas
  • Breast cancer survival rates are better the earlier the cancer is diagnosed
  • Around 9 out of 10 of women diagnosed with stage I breast cancer survives beyond five years. This drops to around 1 out of 10 diagnosed with stage I

So I advise women out there to have their breasts checked if they feel something wrong with it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a false alarm, an unnecessary worry on your part. What is important is that you’re doing your part in preventing it.

Help spread awareness. You can help the lives of many women by spreading the word about The Breast Cancer Site. If The Breast Cancer Site receives 8 million clicks on the pink button in June, their premier sponsor -Bare Necessities- will donate $10,000 for more free mammograms. CLICK the pink button today


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