I hate being late

Not that I’m late today, I arrived before 9am but that’s not my usual time in. Blame it to the traffic. Yes. Bakit ba kasi ang traffic sobra sa Pilipinas?

I was up at 6:30, late from my usual waking up time…why? Blame it to my alarm clock who didn’t rang on time (or maybe I didn’t set it right), and my daughter having her nightly tantrums (kaya nanaman puyat), and the dream I had (about my hubby kaya napasarap ang tulog).

When I arrive at the shuttle station (it’s 7:20 am) there’s already a long queue of passengers...and there are no shuttles around (kawawa ang passengers going to makati pa, buti nalang Ortigas lang ako), so I had no choice but to wait for a unit to arrive. But no unit came until 8:00am. Buti na lang Mang Pol arrived. He’s also an employee somewhere in Ortigas who owns a Tamaraw FX car, and picks up passengers to ride with him on his way to work. Thank God. So, I hopped in.

When we reached Libis going to C5, the road is already jam packed. Julia Vargas is the same. Kung kelan ka naman nagmamadali! Haaaayyy….

Not that heavy traffic is my best reason for being late but I am just thinking…What is really the root cause of the heavy traffic in the Philippines? Is it the LTO for not setting accurate road rules? Is it some of the MMDA and Police officials for their continuous acts of extortion and wrong motives of “panghuhuli”? (sometimes kasi they are the ones causing the delay of traffic flow) Is it the government? The undisciplined commuters? Or is it the private vehicle owners and those elites who own numbers of cars and continuously buy cars that clog our tiny-winy streets?

I think this is a fact --almost every Filipino wants to own a car. But what if yes, each of us owns a car? And those old and dilapidated ones are never let go and still running on our roads? Cars all over our streets....can you imagine what will happen 10 or 15 years from now?

Whatever the cause of this problem, I think we should think about how we can help in our own little ways to solve it. This is one of the images our country projects which is not really GOOD! Oh well…


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