Ding Images

I've been configuring the keyboard shortcuts for images like this ♥ and this ☼ and this ♫ only because I found them "cute". I didn't know this until I've searched and finally got it.

Here it is...

To create a smiley☺, press the alt key and 1
To create a heart ♥, press alt and 3
To make a diamond ♦, press alt and 4
To make a club ♣, press alt and 5
To make a spade ♠, press alt and 6
For a bullet •, press alt and 7
For a square bullet ◘, press alt and 8
To make a note ♫, press alt, 1 and 4
and to make a sun ☼, press alt, 1 and 5

That easy! :)


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