Safe way to lose weight.

It’s been two weeks now since my friend went on a “No Rice” diet. During lunch while I am enjoying a full meal, she is just eating viands. She eats all meat like chicken, pork and fish she only skips the carbs on rice. I don’t know if this is effective since she still ate other food that could contain higher calories. She didn’t consult any dietitian. I just hope that it will be effective on her since she don’t want also to take any diet pills, which I think is good.

I am not a fan of diet pills because I don’t want to take the risk of its side effects. I’ve heard about this medically supervised weight loss program called hcg. and I think this is more advisable for my friend. A person who wishes to undergo this program need not have to endure the pains of surgeries, outrageous exercise program or starving herself just to get fit. And since it’s supervised, a person who’s undergoing this treatment is assured that she will not exceed and will only lose the weight that she should get rid of. Losing weight more than what is advisable for any one is not healthy. I’ve heard about Nicole Richie’s drastic weight lose which she attributed to stress and not eating enough. Yes she lost weight but the way she loses it is unhealthy. HCG on the other hand is a safe way to lose weight since it’s a program built around a low calorie diet coupled with small dose of a hormone that can help stimulate the metabolism. Thousands of health conscious people have already tried this diet treatment program and found it effective.

Getting in shape has a lot of work at times but it’s better to get fit than taking the risk of having gastric bypass surgery due to obesity that people often ignored. So if you’re resolution this year is to lose weight, believe that you can attain it. And if you need help, try the hcg program. It’s more effective and safe.