32nd Week.

I'm now on my 32nd week and yes, I already feel the anxiety of giving birth! We visited my OB last Saturday for my check-up and she said that starting this month, I'll visit her every other week. And since I'm giving birth by C-Section, she asked us to choose the the date between Feb. 22-27 for my scheduled CS operation. Now, hubby and I are still undecided. We really want baby#2 to come out on March but I guess he really wants to come out early.

So now, I'm on the stage of preparing my hospital bag and the things that the baby and I will be needing. I've also coordinated with our HR department regarding the government papers that I'll be using during my stay in the hospital. I'll be taking a leave next month so I'm also arranging everything that my reliever will need once I'm on leave.

Yes, I'm quite busy :D