31 weeks!

Happy New Year! The holidays are over and so is my vacation. Now, I'm on my 31st week! Time fly sooo fast and my tummy is getting bigger and heavier as well.

Yesterday and this morning I've got another leg cramps attacked. It was sooo painful. But I'm thankful that my husband was still with me and always alert in times like this. I had a hard time walking while preparing for work this morning but since I have to, I endure.

Anyway, my baby is super active now. He keeps on moving and rolling..maybe doing some somersaults every now and then. I also had what they call braxton hicks contractions. As per babycenter.com it's normal. It usually last up to 31 seconds. But I monitor it because if the contractions is frequent I might be having premature labor.

During the holidays I gained weight. So now I'm monitoring my diet. I also include milk on my everyday meal, maybe the leg cramps is because I didn't drink my milk for the past few weeks. My bad.

Anyways, I'll be shopping this week for the things we'll be needing once he's ready to come out. I already listed the things I'll need for my hospital bag. It's too early to pack at this moment but it's good be always ready, right?
Only a few more weeks of waiting....


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