Fun Games on a Journey.

Do you play Bingo? I don't but I enjoy playing Human Bingo. Do you know that game? It’s usually played as ice breakers during meetings or group gatherings. I first played it in a training seminar that I attended last year. We were given a paper containing pictures and words written in boxes. What we did was find the picture or words in a box within the group of participants and have them sign in the box. The first to complete filling up the boxes with the participant’s signature is the winner. It was really fun especially the part of going around and finally finding what the box requires.

Another game of this kind is the Road Trip Bingo. This one is a fun game that can be played by group of friends or family on a vacation who wishes to have fun even along the road especially if they are riding separate cars. It would be a fun way to enjoy the journey right?

Hmm…now I think we should include this game when we hold our summer outing this year. Our company don’t usually rent big bus during summer outing. We go on separate cars per department. And usually we all got bored before reaching our destination so I think this year if the committee will agree, we’ll have this game. I think it would be very exciting. Since the mechanics is easy, we’ll just have to prepare the road trip bingo cards like this one and we’ll be all set.