Goal: Getting Fit? Get it!

For most of us, welcoming the New Year also means, setting up new goals for the year or what they call their New Year’s Resolutions. Do you set up your own list? I didn’t. I don’t usually make resolutions but I do list some goals that I know I can attain every year. Although there are goals that I fail to attain sometimes I’m happy each end of the year when most are attained.

But do you know what the top three resolutions of people are every year? Well, based on surveys, one of them is to get more organized, another is to get out of debt or be debt free, and the most famous is get in shape, be fit or lose weight. According to some articles I read, most resolutions do not happen. Meaning, most people fail to fulfill their resolutions. It’s quite sad, right? The problem sometimes boils down to financial issues. For instance, if one’s desire or goal is to get fit, he has to go to the gym. And gym sessions aren’t free so he needs money. He has to get good gym instructor, which isn’t free as well. He also have to follow strict diet like the South Beach diet, and most of the time, non- fat or less fat products usually cost higher than regular food products. Plus, if he wants to get fit even at home, he needs to invest on good fitness equipments. If this is you, well I guess there’s no problem in attaining this goal. Money isn’t going to be an issue because nowadays there are companies that offer emergency loans even for this kind of need. So you can’t make money now as an excuse. You can possibly get your getting-fit-goal attained, and that’s good news right?

Another keys and I think two of the most important keys in keeping up with your resolution are consistency and determination. It’s not really going to work even if you have the money if you are not consistent and determined. So this year, keep up with your resolution. Get the available resources, be determined to carry on and be consistent.