Preparing for the Love Day.

The love month is coming in a few weeks and I’m sure a lot of guys are now planning something to make Valentine’s Day a memorable day for the girl he loves. While some guys are waiting for a positive answer for the long courtship stage, married couples on the other hand are planning for a romantic dinners, cruises, or a romantic vacation somewhere. Others choose this day to propose. And nowadays, guys aren’t doing this the traditional way. They are now thinking of more creative ways to pop the question.

Don’t know how to do it? Well, I’ll give you some true-to-life samples. My husband’s cousin experienced a very romantic and touchy proposal. Her fiancé proposed during one of their prayer meetings and he asked some of their friends to help him do his drama. They both cried during that time because they are inside a church when her fiancé proposed. I also read a story of a guy who proposed to his girl after watching a concert of their favorite singer. It was so romantic. The guy talked to the organizer of the show before it starts so he can have a time to go to the center stage and do his gimmick. The girl loved it so much. I also saw a video of a proposal in YouTube where the super techy guy used a number of mobiles phones and programmed them to convey his message.

Creativity is really the trick. And you guessed right, all these guys immediately received the “yes!” answer from these girls. How about you? Are you hoping that you’ll also experience the sweetest and most romantic proposal? Well, for me, if I’ll be engaged again, I’m dreaming of a proposal in a romantic cruise with a serenade and a dinner after. The cool breeze of the ocean will add up to the spice of that day. How romantic! So guys, don’t just hit the question. Do it creatively and filled with surprises.


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