Have a Happy, Healthy Heart!

I had a chat with my friend last week and she mentioned that she rushed an employee to a hospital near their office. She was working as a Quality Assurance officer in a call center and this was not the first time she encountered incident like this. The employee had a mild stroke. It could have been grave if he was not immediately rushed to the hospital. Thank God for the Girl Scout in my friend.

Nowadays, more and more people are having diseases concerning the heart. Strokes could not only happen to older people. As I see it, even young adult can get this disease. How can we avoid this? By eating food rich in Omega 3, or by taking Omega 3 health supplements. Studies shows that Omega 3 reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke, helps in lowering blood pressure, prevent the buildup of plaque in the arteries, and may prevent sudden cardiac death.

I didn’t know the importance of Omega 3 until I’ve read about it. And now that we know its benefits, we should also know where we can get it. There are a number of sources of Omega 3 available including fatty fish and health food supplements like Omax3.

But remember that when purchasing Omega 3 health supplements, make sure that you are purchasing pharmaceutical grade Omega 3 because cheaper, non-pharmaceutical grade brands may have mercury-contaminants and other dangerous substances that can harm your body. Omax3 is 91% pure omega-3. It’s real pharmaceutical-grade supplement which offers optimal, pure and high potency essential fatty acids and DFA. Enhances moods and cognition, benefits healthy heart, and promotes optimal health of joint and immune system.

Start taking Omega 3 supplements now and have a happy and healthy heart.


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