Avoid House Traffic

I was browsing some magazines about home designs and paint ideas when I cam across this article from Good Housekeeping. Here are some helpful tips specially to those who own their homes and want to avoid or stop “traffic” inside the house.

The Bathroom:
  • Make it strictly-toiletries-only space. Clutter builds when the counter doubles as dresser or vanity table.
  • Place a multi-level wore rack and some towel hooks in one area so you don’t have to go a-searching for your bathing needs.
  • Don’t stock your lines and tissue rolls here.

The Kitchen:
  • Assign a space at the counter for putting all ingredients so you’ll only have to work within that area.
  • Frequently used items like pots, pans, and spices should be near the preparation area.
  • Position the refrigerator in such a way that the door does not open into the doorway.
  • Keep the aisle space clear of trash bins, pet dishes, etc.

The Living Room:
  • Decide which activities the living room is for. For entertainment? For hobbies? This way you can limit the pieces according to the area’s function.
  • Free the coffee table of clutter. Put an attractive centerpiece that you can easily transfer when you need space.

The Dining Area:
  • Use the walls for displaying pieces instead of adding side tables
  • Keep nothing but dining items in this room. This prevents family members from using it as a makeshift study.

Now these will surely help me once our house was turned over to us. I’m excited.


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