Paint Ideas?

What color is your house, the room and other spaces inside your house? I’ve read once that deciding about the color of a house and rooms is an important thing. Properly wielded color can create atmosphere, it can define proportion, and depth, it can aid in establishing physical order, and most definitely exudes emotions and personality.

Do you know what color is best for a particular room? First you must decide what ambiance you want for a space, then use the appropriate colors with their correct tones to achieve that particular mood.

Here are some ambiance and their suggested space and colors from Earth and Style Magazine, March 2007 edition.

Playful: To bring a feeling of energy, it is best to use primary colors. Red, sky blue, and mango yellow fuel the young and old alike with a mood for fun. Although they are basic colors, they create a strong impact, seemingly walking one’s inner liveliness. Use these color schemes for children’s bedrooms and play areas.

Romantic: To emphasize intimacy in your bedroom, use color schemes that exude a mood for romance. While hot pink, fuchsia and red offer an intense romantic ambiance, a soft touch of rose pink and neutrals provide a more demure, feminine side of sweetness. These colors also go well with caramels and cocoa browns.

Tranquil: For a spa effect in your bathrooms, soft blues and greens are the best colors to use. Soft blues remind us of the peaceful quality of water while cool greens reflect the comfort of nature. Blue greens, in tones of jade, teal or aqua, can give either a warm or cool character too. These can easily transform any space into a serene room that will leave anyone feeling relaxed. This scheme is always beneficial to those with busy lifestyles.

Sophisticated: Rich earth colors are used to convey a feeling of formality. There is elegance in deep reds, lush greens and refined yellows, while purples and rich blues denote mystery and opulence, respectively. Together with dark wood tones, these hues result in sophistication in style. Use this scheme in foyers and living areas to impart a warm welcome to guests.

Charming: A cheerful atmosphere that lifts anyone’s spirit cam be achieved by bringing the colors of the outdoors inside the house. Apple greens and light yellow best reflect the hues of a garden while chartreuse and leaf green evoke freshness and bliss. These cool colors are light on the eye, enhancing a festive, invigorating mood. Use these colors in kitchens and transitional areas with large picture windows to maintain the mood of a view outdoors.


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