Friday Fill-Ins #5

  1. Oh, I can't wait until I have a new DSLR camera:D.
  2. Water is the first thing I see when I open my refrigerator. (lol!)
  3. I never leave home without my wallet and mobile phones.
  4. If I were a condiment, I would be salt because without salt, a lot of food would taste bland. And to relate, I know I'm important just like the salt.
  5. Drivers who do not respect pedestrians and pedestrian lanes is really high up on my list of pet peeves.
  6. The last thing I thought of before I went to bed was my conversation with hubby.
  7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to watching my favorite tv show, tomorrow my plans include general cleaning of the house and Sunday, I want to go to church then watch DVDs at home
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12 Kind Word(s):

YellowRose said...

I love your answer for #4!!!

Have a great Friday!

Shannon H. said...

Salt is a great answer!

MiLeTTe said...

ako din gusto ko ng dslr kaso sabi ni joseph mahal daw. eh pag nagsabi un ng mahal ibig sabhin nde pwede bilhin. hehe! so siguro sa much cheaper camera na lang ako.

here's my fill in for this friday! hope you can drop by. thanks.


Anonymous said...

Drivers who do not respect pedestrians and pedestrian lanes is really high up on my list of pet peeves.

I walk all over, and I agree with you on this! Some of them I think actually aim for people! And what's with the 0-60 when taking off from a stop sign? Does making their tires squeel make them feel important?

Crystal said...

Salt is the perfect answer. Who can go without salt? :)

Melody said...

We share the same answer for #4! :)

The Holistic Knitter said...

I agree with your answer to # 5. Have a good weekend ;0)

LarryG said...

and the salts have it!
and those disrespectful drivers... what the ... are they thinking? or are they even thinking?

tanabata said...

Nice answer for #4. And a new DSLR camera sounds like fun!

cj said...

Great answers, especially the salt one.

Mine are up at:


Janet said...

I love my camera, don't know what I'd do w/o it!

Hope you're having a good weekend, thanks for playing :-)

onangelwings said...

Oh I am with you on your number 1. Me too!