Who is Oseola McCarty?

She has been a topic in our church for being a good example. A person with a good heart and a person of character.

Following is a simple biography I got about her:

Oseola McCarty was a washerwoman and at the age of 88 she was unmarried with no children. She did not even own a vehicle, but she gave a gift of $150,000 to the University of Southern Mississippi.

Oseola McCarty was born in Waynesboro, Miss., but moved to Hattiesburg at the age of 6 when her widowed mother remarried. Oseola had to quit school after sixth grade to take care of her ill aunt. When her aunt got better, she decided she was too far behind to catch up. Oseola dreamed of being a nurse but ended up joining her family washing laundry of Hattiesburg’s elite.

She lived in Mississippi all her life and washed clothes for over seventy years. Oseola McCarty donated $150,000 to the University of Southern Mississippi which was the largest donation ever given by an African-American to the University. She was able to make this large donation due to good work and saving habits.

Many people wanted to meet her cause of her kindness and wisdom. She would meet famous people and receive numerous awards, including a Presidential Medal and honorary degrees from the University of Southern Mississippi and Harvard University.

Oseola McCarty became an author of one book, Simple Wisdom for Rich Living. She shares her ideas for being successful. Even though she was unable to complete school, she wanted to make sure that it would be possible for others with financial need to in the future.

Oseola died in her sleep September 26, 1998, of liver cancer. But most of her 91 years she let her work do the talking until 1995 she gave a powerful, persuasive speech upon donating the $150,000 to the University of Southern Mississippi.

Oseola will never be forgotten from the fact that she taught the world a lesson in selflessness. Oseola shows that everyone can help in philanthropic activity not just the extremely wealthy.


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