Budgetting / Money Saving Tips

This week's Mommastuff Questions is:

Can you share any budget or money saving tips that you find effective?
Now that hubby's abroad and I'm the only one managing our home here's what I do with our finances/budgetting:

Note: Hubby's salary is bigger compare to mine so his sallary takes care of all our expenses and my salary contributes to the extras.

1. I found it easy for my budgeting to have an excel file of our finances and expenses so I can easily monitor where our money goes and the due dates of our bills. I pay on time to avoid penalties.
2. I buy our groceries every 3oth when I get hubby's salary. Jaden's milk is my priority so I buy for a whole month's consumption.
3. I cook viand for dinner and I set aside a portion for my "baon" so I don't have to buy my lunch. Also, I eat breakfast at home to avoid buying breakfast pa.
4. We don't use AC so medyo tipid sa electricity. We also set one day for ironing clothes and also one day for the laundry.


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Vannie said...

hi mhay great tips u got here:) i should do an excel budget as well..


~ Mhay ~ said...

Thanks for visiting vannie :) naku it really helps pag may excel file ka ng finances nyo ;)