The 80's

You Know You're a Kid of the 80's if...(Compiled by Filipinos around the world)

1.) You have scars on your knees and elbows.
2.) You owned a bike.
3.) You had a barkada around your neighborhood (all of you had bikes).
4.) You loved climbing on your house's roof (and your neighbor's roof as well).
5.) You went inside an abandoned house in your neighborhood just to see what it looks like inside.
6.) You ate all the aratilis in your neighborhood.
7.) You plucked all the gumamelas in the area for soap bubbles.
8.) Your parents forced you to take afternoon siestas with the threat that you will not be allowed to play outside.
9.) You are never found in your house in the afternoon. You are often found playing in the street with your neighborhood friends.
10.) You loved exploring vacant lots for hidden knick-knacks.
11.) You just can't resist jumping in a sandpile.
12.) You know all the street games (patintero, agawan base, langit-lupa, etc.).
13.) You owned a Nintendo Family Computer.
14.) Your hand-to-eye coordination is terrific due to this Nintendo Family Computer.
15.) You'd rather go outdoors in the afternoon than play Nintendo Family Computer.
16.) You gleefully boast that games today are so easy because of the character's life bar. (Remember when we used to play Mario? We die the minute a Goomba hit us.)
17.) You know this code by heart:UP-UP-DOWN-DOWN-LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT-B-A-B-A-START (SELECT-START for 2 players)
18.) You owned a superhero costume (especially a Superman costume).
19.) For the girls: You dressed up like Punky Brewster, Madonna and Debbie Gibson. For the boys: You dressed up like David Hasselhoff's Knight Rider, David Bowie or had Clarke Kent's little bangs. And now you think that the 80's had the shittiest dress sense.
20.) You had a denim jacket.
21.) You had a sticker book especially that Age of Dinosaurs sticker book.
22.) You were addicted to Rainbow Brite, Carebears, My Little Pony and Friends, Thundercats, Bioman, Voltes V, Mazinger Z, Daimos, etc.
23.) You played PC Games like Tapper, Moonbugs, Alley Cat and Prince of Persia.
24.) MS Word did not exist in your vocabulary but Wordstar did.
25.) You love 80's music even if you don't want to admit it.
26.) You've climbed up mango trees to catch salagubang, tie a sting around its neck and let it fly around in frenzy.
27.) You've spent hours in the afternoon catching tutubi. Yellow-green was the easiest to catch, blue being finicky, and red being a rare breed.
28.) You used to take Flinstones vitamins (which you didn't mind 'cause it was yummy) and Scott's liver oil.
29.) You know the catoon show "Beverly Hills Teens."
30.) You know Kuya Bodgie from Batibot.
31.) You watch Uncle Bob's Lucky Seven Club.
32.) You used AQUA NET to fashion your 4-inch-high bangs.
33.) Your blouses had paddings.
34.) You owned wide-studded colorful belts.
35.) You watched some of your favorite shows on betamax or even UHF 17 (the channel from Clarke Air Base, or was it Subic?).
36.) You collected and "swapped" perfumed stationeries with your classmates and friends, but followed the unwritten rule that you never write on them.
37.) The only place you go to for summer vacation is Baguio.
38.) On that note, Camp John Hay served best ice cream.
39.) Most of us were brought to the EDSA Revolution.
40.) You remember what Ricky Martin used to look like back then.
41.) ...when you think that Julie Vega is a better actress that Judy Ann.
42.) You get confused playing Playstation because of all the buttons on the keypad (Nintendo only had the direction pad, A and B buttons, and the Start and Select keys).
43.) You know all the Bagets and Ninja Kids.
44.) You got to ride the train ride at Greenhills Shopping Center.
45.) Magic Johnson and Larry Bird were the players at the time.
46.) ...when you know more 80's music than the song "Buttercup."
47.) You were allowed to bathe in the rain.
48.) You were taught to comb your hair one-sided.
49.) You've collected matangpusa and mongo beans so you can have ammunition for sumpit.
50.) You knew who Madang Bola and Sitsiritsit and Alibangbang was.
51.) Every Christmas, you anticipate going to Big Bang sa Alabang - with the giant slide.
52.) You know the Ewoks.
53.) You had Mighty Kid shoes and Greg shoes.
54.) You know what Time Space Warp means (and you know who Fuma Lae-Ar is).
55.) You and your playmates had a specific Bioman name.
56.) You sipped all the nectar from the santan plant, hence your mother got really pised at you for destroying the santan plant.
57.) You played with marbles and tex and you count cards like this: I-SA, DALA-WA, TAT-LO, A-PAT...
58.) For girls: You wore denim miniskirts with rubber shoes. For guys: You had those bitin na pantalon which you wore with high-top rubber shoes.
59.) You loved Cheezels and Chickadees because of the great prizes it had.
60.) Puffy Cone still existed.
61.) Magnolia Drumstick.
62.) Twin Popsies were meant to be shared with a friend.
63.) Ice Drop was the cheapest treat.
64.) You have those Disney Bow Biters for your rubber shoes.
65.) You know who Alf is.
66.) You're familiar with the show "Perfect Strangers."
67.) McGyver is your idol.
68.) That's Entertainment is "The Bomb" during those days.
69.) You were considered a techie if you knew Wordstar and Lotus 1-2-3.
70.) Your phone numbers were just six digits back then.
71.) You only needed three 25 centavo coin to call from a pay phone.
72.) Aiza used to be so cute in Eat Bulaga.
73.) Amado Pineda was the most popular weatherman.
74.) You drank chocolate milk from the Magnolia glass bottle which you kept for holding water in your ref.
75.) Brown Cow tasted better than Hersheys.
76.) Shake Rattle and Roll 1 was the most horrifying movie for you then.
77.) The most comfortable shoes for you is still Sperry Topsiders.
78.) You used to wear Loafers as your dress shoes.
79.) The best movies of all time are Pretty in Pink, Breakfast Club, 6 Candles and Some Kind of Wonderful.
80.) You show off your pencil case which have hidden compartments that pop-out at the press of a button.
81.) You have Bensia pencils which are refillable.
82.) Fiesta Carnival was the place to be (like Enchanted Kingdom in the 90's).
83.) You were afraid of the year 2000 because it would be the end of the world.
84.) Goya and Serg's were your favourite.
85.) You were able to get on a car without aircon.
86.) You know the lyrics ng "Tinapang Bangus" at "Alagang-alaga Namin Si Puti" ng Batibot.
87.) You know these commercials:
a. YC BIKINIBRIEF - Remember this one? "Yc bikini brief / Yc bikini brief / Ycbikinibrief for the man who packs a wallop / YC had fashion / YC has style..."
b. RA Homevision - those guys from Cash and Carry Makati couldn't have done it better. Sports. Adventure. Cartoons. Award Winners and More. Featuring the voice talent of Frankie Evangelista. I will never forget the creepy hand at the start of the ad. Parang ET na nasa spaceship!
c. Arthur's Legaspi Towers - 'nuff said.
d. La Germania Mama Mia commercials - ditto!
88.) You bought , Texas or Bazooka Bubblegum, Tira-tira, at Tootsie Roll in a sari-sari store.
89.) You had held a flower-shaped 5-centavo coin.
90.) You're familiar with this song: "Si nena ay bata pa, kaya ang sabi niya ay um-ah-um-ah-ah... Hanggang patanda siya nang patanda...
91.)You love watching Video Hit Parade
91.) You used kilometrico and Haba Ballpen

I'm a child of the 80's and as I read these I can't help but remenisce the good old days :). I love seeing 80's commercials and hearing 80s music. But sad to say, I just discovered that unlike before, nowadays, wala ng bago...the fashion is still 80s medyo inayos lang ng konte...pati sa music, puro 80s revivals. But the 80s culture among our children, yunyung nawala. They missed tha joy of playing in the streets coz children now are more into PS, computers, cellphones etc.