36 Weeks.

Wooo hooo!! Finally, I've reached the 36th week of my pregnancy. One more week of going to work then I'm off for my maternity leave. I've been very anxious lately because now, I can already feel more and more discomforts. Whew!

Last Saturday was the start of my weekly check up. I also had three kinds of test: urinalysis, HBaSg, and OGCT. Unfortunately, I didn't passed my OGCT. My sugar level is high that's why I need to undergo another test, this time it would be the OGTT. Sigh...another series of blood extraction. But I guess I have to do this for the baby's sake.

Anyway, I'm now weighed 56 kgs.! Quite big for my size. The baby's doing good (my OB said). Next week is another check up and the week after that is another ultrasound, then my scheduled operation. I can't wait to finally see him!


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