Feb 14 means Love...

….and this day is a special day for lovers, couples, husbands and wives. Do you have any plans now on how you’ll celebrate the love day with your love one? I guess some are now planning a romantic dinner for two or a romantic get away somewhere…. Old fashioned? Well, I hope you were able to watched Rated K last Sunday. They featured unusual, different and creative ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with an adventure. Some of these new dating adventures are the Zipline, Zoobic Safari (to have a live encounter with wild animals), and another one, (I forgot what it was called) where you and your date will be dropped down from a certain meter high, so fast that you will surely feel the thrill.

Forest adventure will be a click way to celebrate Valentines’ day here in the Philippines since summer is starting. But in some parts of the world where the place are still covered with ice, a ski date would be romantic. Pragelato in Italy or Lake Louise in Canada are just two of the most romantic ski destinations for ski holidays. Skiing is not just fun during Christmas season. Try it on Valentine’s day and I’m sure you and your love one will enjoy a warm, romantic date while surrounded with ice, lol!


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