Baby Named After...what??

How did you come up with your baby’s name? For expectant moms (like me) it’s quite a challenge to choose the right name for our babies’, right? We have the power to break or make them by our choice of names so we have to consider a lot of things when choosing what’s best for them. We have to put our thinking caps on and really take time to think what will be the best. There are a lot of things that come into play when picking our baby’s names like who’s famous person shall we pattern their names, role models, what would be their nicknames, etc. My first child was named Jaden Meekaila. Jaden is a unisex Hebrew name which means God has heard and Meekaila was from the root word Meek, a character that we want her to become. Baby #2’s name was a challenged since he’s a boy, but we already have a named ready when he comes out.

I just don’t understand why some mothers take for granted this area when having a child. Some will just think of a name right there and there (during labor or after giving birth). Or just thinking of a name (whatever comes first in their mind) in a snap, and that’s it.

I know a person whose passion was computer games. She would never fail to download games and play until morning. That’s how addicted she was even during pregnancy. So when she conceived, her passion came out by the name she gave to her child—Jubei (Final fantasy). I’m not saying that naming a child after a video game character is bad. We have our own differences and choices. I know there are a lot of video game characters our there with some crazy names--names that I personally would never. ever give to a REAL child. (I mean, hello, would you want your baby to be called Dekar or Sepiroth??)— But there are good ones too like Lara (Lara Croft) or Zelda of the Legend of Zelda which what Robin Williams named his daughter Zelda Williams.

Uhmm…Still undecided for your baby’s name? Well, chose wisely. Think about your passion, what influences you and of course the baby’s future if he carried the name you’re thinking of giving him.