What is the Brown Raise?

The Brown Raise is a movement to CREATE A NEW PATH for the Filipino people -- that his world need not always have to revolve around the shallowness of money, pleasure, and survival, but that he us also capable of remarkable character, dignity, honor, visions for humanity and depth of nationhood.

The Brown Raise is a movement that seeks to unlock the secrets and strengths of a race and country which was once called, "the pearl of the orient seas", and to discover and pursue the Philippines' unique contribution to the hall of nations.

The 21st century Global Pinoy must have the spirit of the Brown Raise...the same spirit that Rizal, our national hero possessed from childhood.

"As a child I was educated among Spaniards; I was nourished on the great exemplars of the history of Spain, of Greece and Rome; afterwards in Spain my professors were all great thinkers, great patriots. Books, newspapers, [historical] examples, reason, ALL MADE ME DESIRE THE GOOD OF MY NATIVE LAND...I was so far from thinking that I was doing wrong that I have never wanted to accept the protection of another nation; twice I was offered German nationality, once the English, and I have never accepted."


--excerpt from the Brown Raise Handbook--


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