The Brown Raise Seminar

We had our Brown Raise seminar just a while ago. Our church had a job well-done. Everything was perfect. The two speakers, Sis. Anne Lao and Pastor Butch Conde delivered the most inspiring messages I've ever heard.

I can almost feel Sis. Anne Lao's burden to uplift the Filipino Raise. Her messages, stories told and examples were so inspiring that on some part, I almost cried. She also presented the film Bayaning Third World which I heard some time ago but neglected. It was a good film and I regret the fact that I did not watch it. I also learned that our national hero, Jose Rizal was indeed a protestant. There is even an issue of recantation that was also raised in the film Bayaning Thrd World. I think Rizal was like Martin Luther.

All in all it was a great seminar that I wished every Filipino will be able to hear. That's one of my prayer so that the Filipino race will not lose their pride and dignity as Filipinos and will love thier country like Rizal did.


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