If Santa's Real

Do you believe in Santa Claus? I don’t, but I wish there is really a real Santa Claus who can grant wishes of every people on earth, young and old. When I was a child I thought Santa was real. That he goes down the chimney to put his gifts under our Christmas tree. I later realized that the persons who fill my Christmas stocking with lots of goodies are none other than, my parents. Right. Funny. How could they do that to me? Hahaha!!!

Anyway, Christmas is near. Do you got a wish? Let say Santa is real, and he can grant your wish immediately, what will you wish for? Hmmm…tough question, right? Well, It’s a challenging question, I know. As for me, I can’t think of anything aside from materials things, like the digital camera and Iphone that I’ve been dreaming about. This is because I know that the one thing I want could not fit in his sack of gifts…it can’t be bought. Only God can make it happen. But if it’s only that easy to sit on Santa’s lap and ask him something like what I did at Ceiva’s, it would be great.

Yes, I was able to sit on Santa’s lap and wished for an iphone, but alas, it’s not available. He offered me a digital frame instead, hahaha! But Ceiva’s digital frame is a nice gift for Christmas. I’ve never seen any other digital frame like this. Its sleek design captured my eyes and made me wished to receive one like this on Christmas as well.

Well, anyway the site is actually having a contest where contestants can win $500. You just need to watch Santa’s video, fill in the needed info, upload a photo and wait if you will be picked out from the random raffle draw. So visit here, and play the game. Who knows, you might be the lucky contestant.



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Julia said...

My real wish is to have a quiet and uneventful holiday with no grumbling from anybody at home. If we all can have quality time playing at our house with minimum gifts I will be happy for Christmas!